Monday, December 22, 2014

PK Is Just OK...

This is my first review on the blog; I never thought I would post one. But this movie definitely compelled me to, because I found it not a so fresh or original story. The movie makers seem to be very much inspired by the 2012 release OMG-Oh My God,like the audience, and so have tried to convey the same message, yet again in a similar way with a slight modification in the story line with a more popular star cast of these days.

In OMG, Lord Krishna (played by Akshay Kumar) comes down to earth to help the atheist business man (Pareshrawal) and backs his opinion that all the rituals to serve the deity is just a waste and gives the message that he is within us and not to search him in temples or churches or mosques while in PK the message is given through an alien,astronaut (Aamir Khan) whose remote gets robbed soon after he lands on Earth. He starts searching God to get help to go back home, to his planet, on being wrongly advised by many men. Like many of us who search God, he is disheartened too and on not finding God he starts distributing the pamphlets of Gods headlined 'MISSING'with an address below to contact him if one finds God. Meanwhile heartbroken, Jagajjanani aka Jaggu (Anushka Sharma) who is back to Delhi from Belgium after love failure  gets no entry into her home. While working for TV, she is in search of an unusual story and finds PK's unusual behaviour and is after him to make the news. It's much like the media attention Paresh Rawal gets on filing a case against God in OMG. Jaggu on listening to his story comes to know that PK is an alien and promises to help him.She with PK's help tries to prove the Swamiji(priest), whom her family follows too, wrong. There is a bomb blast scene in the movie where PK loses his friend, his brother who helped him in the past, Sajay Dutt, in it. Though I say it is, 'An old wine in a new bottle', it is emotionally engaging as the alien PK does all to satisfy the Gods, just to get back his stolen remote. The acting by Aamir and Anushka is brilliant and not to forget Sanjay Dutt,Boman Irani and Sushant Singh who have done a very good job in the roles assigned. It is yet another mirror like OMG reflecting the the beliefs and ironies of the intelligent living beings,humans,on the Earth.The direction isn't bad either. So I can say,overall the movie PK is OK. 

So my rating would be:




Friday, December 19, 2014


                                           I pray for miracles now
                                           Seeking back thou
                                           I question again and again,
                                          ' Is God really there?', in vein
                                           Thou were a humble soul
                                            Thou were joyful
                                             Wanted to live life to the fullest
                                             Now we moan,'Why was it cut short?'
                                               Wish for miracles now
                                              Wish you come back somehow
                                              No God can fill your space
                                              We want only you with grace
                                               Even if God takes your role
                                               We are not going to enrol
                                                We want only you and you
                                                 Please come back!
                                                 You were here to help others                        
                                               But stay here many, torturing others
                                              Why did  your days last
                                                While the bad have no past
                                            Stay here Men who just don't foul!
                                             Criminals are they
                                              That's was never, your way
                                             Please come back!
                                           God, thou took them nearer
                                           Needed them we, more here
                                          The place, no more is dearer
                                          Thou made us so poor

                                             Hard it is to believe
                                             A great loss to retrieve
                                            Don't let your people suffer
                                           Pray and come back here
                                            For God listens to innocence
                                             And with mercy he does justice.

Wishing For Miracles

I many a times pray for miracles to take place.Sounds crazy right? But I do and wish all the stories of miracles I heard are true. 

I want the bad things that happened to be erased. I want the time to go back,to make corrections or to be extra careful...even if the Earth has to rotate in the opposite directions for the same. These things never happen, but still the agony in me makes me desire such things. And why shouldn't these happen?Is it against the nature? I question myself. Don't the innocent  who die deserve these? We  punish the culprits but that would only prevent further massacres  from taking place...what about the shattered dreams of many...what about those who lost their lives?  I want  the dead to come back to life. For these at least I feel like believing in  the supernatural forces/powers. I feel like believing in rebirths. I urge  the supernatural forces to act in such circumstances to provide justice to the innocent. I urge they come back as if a miracle happened.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

My reflection smiled, I didn't

I was enthusiastic and intelligent kid and humble at the same time...that is what I hear people talking now.  I took interest in every activity in life and in school. My younger sister says now, 'She wrote the multiplication table up to 30 very fast and never showed me. She had learnt it up to 30 and had the knack  to multiply or add whenever she got stuck in between, at that age.' Yes, I used to do that whenever my mother assigned the work to both of us saying she would come back and check. My younger sister also says that I always collected more berries than her and always won the games we played. I always came first in school,even  when we shifted from our native village to town. And I remember the boy who had been first throughout in the class until I came, crying and complaining, pointing a finger towards me to his family members saying, 'That is the girl who comes first now....' 

When I got into the prestigious residential school, I did well there too. I didn't know to dance at all, but I learnt it and became a dancer. I was the only one amongst 670 students, who practiced basket ball all alone while others chit chatted or played in groups. I then became a basket ball player. I was good in academics, I was always one of the top three students in class.I was an athlete,did drawing and painting, sketching,embroidery. I never taunted or troubled others like many other girls did in my house nor did I boast. I played chess and was a chess champion for an year. I was awarded the best outgoing student considering the activities I took part in, with a voting by teachers and students. 

I got into the professional course,did my masters through merit. Everybody in family says now, I never demanded anything but only gave them. I did all by myself. I had my share of problems too but I never complained and moved on becoming successful in whatever I did.  I had lot of dreams about the future and loved life.I achieved a lot, struggled a lot in 28 years of my life and wanted to settle now. It was the time when I reaped the benefits but I lost at last. I lost to death. I  saw my reflection, the little girl, smiling...I saw the struggling grown up smiling.... reflection smiled , I didn't. I didn't...I didn't... because I wanted to live.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Why Class Room Hunger...?

Yes, 'Why CLASS ROOM hunger elimination is necessary?' was the question kept on coming back to my mind since I decided to write another blog post on being reminded by Blogadda that we can write upto 5 posts. 

'Why just class rooms?',I thought about it and was in praise for the genii who started Akshayapatra. Their plan is to eliminate hunger from India from the grass root levels. And so they  acted accordingly as the proverb,'Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.'  (That is what I could understand about the programme.)The mid-day meal definitely has reduced school drop outs and increased enrollments as many go for the sake of food in government and government aided schools. So our part in eliminating class room hunger or our first step in eliminating hunger completely from India in the coming years would be to encourage more and more children to get into schools. Show them the greed of good food, make their parents and them realise how they can have a better life after getting education,else they will have to be there where they are now. Next would be to help few by providing other necessities like books,pens,clothes etc. so that they are not out of school because of these. And then last but not the least to donate to Akshaya Patra to help them continue this good deed. Spreading awareness about  the Akshaya Patra organisation and encouraging donations is also one major step in helping the cause. Thus we can join hands with the organisation to eliminate hunger from India by making the future generations self reliant and educated. 

If an entire generation is educated there would be no poverty, there would be reduced crime rate in India. There would be happiness everywhere making India 'Ram Rajya' (Kingdom of Lord Ram).

 I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

My first post for the cause blog to feed a child is here:
AKSHAYA PATRA- Unlimited Food For Education


Sunday, December 07, 2014

The Right Context

Our proverbs are so inspiring...they push us on, in times of distress. The moment we read them, we feel delighted and are on, with that enthusiasm as if some extra energy has flown into us. And so is our fellow, Mugdh. He admires them so much that he collects them;it's his hobby.Yes, he is Paremiographer.

He is very slow in whatever he does because he believes 'It is never too late'. He hardly talks and for the same he has been in trouble many a times. He doesn't even stand up for what is right? It is all just  because he read somewhere that, 'Speech is silver, silence is gold'. He has been trying hard to achieve things he wants but alas! he is nowhere near.This is because he strongly believes 'Where there is a will there is a way' and is heading towards something impossible,trying to do things in his own way. I am afraid to say this now,he failed many a times and accepted his failures as if nothing had gone wrong. That wouldn't be a problem had he failed after an earnest effort but he did it purposely reminding himself,'We learn little from victory and much from failure.'

Wish he soon reads, 'Early bird catches the worm' so that he becomes faster in whatever he does. Oh! He should also know that,'Haste makes waste'! Otherwise...he would hurry too much to be early. He should  soon know that, one should stand up for his rights and a wise man acts smarter than harder!

 Aren't the proverbs applicable in few contexts? They were said by men in certain situations and can not be applied or followed all the time. Half knowledge is really very dangerous!

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Another Story from My Childhood

Everybody in my class knew me as a hard worker. I really used to study hard on all the days, even  on Sundays. And was a rank holder in my class. I always used to strive to be number one in my class and achieved it many a times. 

Once,one of my classmates who admired me asked ,"I heard you put oil in your eyes to study." I was puzzled by this and said,"No. That is not true."". "You, don't?" "No, I don't." Then she left, I had told her the truth but what she had said remained in my mind, I just could not forget that and kept thinking about it.I did not know about this... putting oil in eyes. I thought she asked me that because mostly oil also keeps one awake. I only used to widen my eyes and splash water whenever I felt sleepy. So I tried this as well, many a times, while I was in school. 

Much later when I had graduated I came to know that it's a phrase in my mother tongue which means, 'working hard'.  Life was so simpler then, only knew working hard. Why does life become complicated as one grows up? I only smile whenever this comes to my mind. And feel happy for what I was...a stupid girl? No, for being a hard-worker. I am not boasting about it now, there is no point in boasting. I do really feel proud about it :). I might not have accomplished much from it but such acts  of ours really make us proud and inspire us, don't they?

Monday, December 01, 2014

My Voice For A Cleaner India

Who makes our surroundings filthy? Is it the aliens?Probably, they don't like us you see... :). We are responsible for it and we know that very well. Why are we doing this? Don't we all know that it affects our well being? Probably...we all know, but still not bothered as we are too lazy or  may be we like being in filth so don't want to clean it and are constantly involved in making it filthier.

A few wise men among us or government may clean it again and again, but that is always a temporary solution as the rest of us do continue the same. We all  notice spit, nasal mucous etc.  on road side and feel like puking then and there, it is all so dirty! Disgusting!It is not just the uneducated few but many of the so called educated are the culprits here! Just before doing such things one should think how the other people may feel while passing by.  For a cleaner India, people's mind set should be changed first. Government should take measures in this regard from Panchayat(Governing body at villages) level.People should start liking cleanliness in the surroundings. 

In my city we keep the household wastes in front of our doors everyday segregating the biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes into different dustbins and the wastes collector does his job of collecting it all and disposing it.Thanks to the local administrators! I don't know whether this is carried out  all over India. Even if it is...I am not sure whether it is practiced in villages. It is responsibility of every one of us along with the government to make India cleaner.Few other things Government should concentrate on is on the construction of proper drainage system for every village. Thus only a part of India can be cleaned. 

What about our rivers and the air we breathe in? The industrial waste management has become the major issue. Government should impose strict laws on industries for recycling of wastes and purification  before they are disposed, for a cleaner environment. Increasing the frequency of public transports for preventing air pollution.

There is another root cause, wasting or improper usage of goods like plastics. The more we waste them the more is their collection as garbage. So we have to use and reuse them sensibly, avoiding their accumulation in the Earth's crust. 

We can reach great heights when we work together as a nation.

P.S: This was written for Indiblogger's Kyun Ki Ab Bin Bole Nahin Chalega#Ab Montu Bolega , however I could not submit it on time.

Thursday, November 27, 2014



       Each day my nervousness would increase as the day passed and sun set. I could see everybody sleeping cozily in their beds at night, while I was  turning sides on my bed with fear in my mind.I knew it would come back again. It didn't visit on some days but  it would return anytime, it was all uncertain.
       Scared,I would cover my head and tuck the blanket beneath me all around.  It stood near by, beside my cot.I had not seen it but only felt its presence. I could only see a black shadow through my closed eyes. I felt something heavier on my chest, pressing it hard whenever it visited.I used to struggle hard to, push it back, to yell  and to see it but I failed every time. I couldn't  shout even with a lot of effort. I used to feel someting holding my throat tightly as if strangling me.I used to open my eyes much later; after a lot of struggle  and it would be gone. Days slowly stopped  haunting. But it was too late, I was not completely prepared  and only a month was left for my 12th board exams. I was someone who preferred studying till late night as I used to find it difficult to concentrate in the morning and would only drowse. 
      Much later, after many years, I came to know that it is a sleep disorder called,'Sleep Paralysis'.It is a state when our brain is neither completely awake nor asleep.So the body feels partially paralysed and is unable to move,mostly stress being the main cause for it. There are many such things...unknown to  people like us and are perceived as ghosts.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


         I just once looking at the idol on my friend's table, made a wish. It came true in a fortnight. It was something impossible to happen...but it had happened. I still think about it. My heart wants to believe in the blessings while my brain questions it again and again, was it a miracle or it  just occurred naturally?
       Does chanting Mantras( Holy verses) make ones life better by removing all the obstacles, fulfilling all our wishes? I have doubted about this too, many a times. But still I have chanted them many a times hoping for the good to happen. Yes, in the fight between my brain and  my heart, my heart won over making me pray. I experienced a lot of changes since I started praying regularly. The Deities blessed me ; my perspective of life  changed and I was more happier than ever. Am I really blessed? I wondered again! With some reasoning I came to the conclusion that, it is more Scientific than Godly. It was me who was helping myself. The weaker me believed strongly that something  or someone with superior powers will do the things that I can not do for myself. This strong belief had a positive effect on me and so I was or my body was responding positively by itself doing things I couldn't before, because of that negative energy...stress,disorientation etc. I also noticed that chanting Mantras in a rhythm with concentration  helps but not otherwise. It relieves stress as all the preoccupied stuff from the mind is forced out to concentrate on the Mantra or deity we are praying for. And the rhythmic chanting brings  harmony in the physiology of our body too, which is nothing but healing. 
         If you have experienced anything supernatural do share it in the comment box. It may help many of us. 

Friday, November 21, 2014


I never expected such an opportunity again! It's nothing less than living your childhood once again! And who doesn't want to? Though a bit busy, I chose to write down for this because I didn't want to miss this opportunity (I win or don't win is secondary). Thanks Blogadda, you made my day  by giving  such an opportunity of re-living my childhood.
      We all grow up listening to stories and they all become our favourites. The one which is closest to my heart and will ever remain fresh in my memory is this story of the crow, The Clever Crow. Crows??? Who likes them? But there were plenty flying around in my place and so I was very familiar with them I can say and so this was my favorite story in my childhood. (We  are a little curious about the life of the creatures that live around us,  in our childhood. Alas! This fades away as we grow up! And life starts becoming boring!). It has  good morals too-
1)We should never give up easily  in life
2)Every problem has a solution,  we should  find it and solve it.

     When the Crow does not find water for a long time, it doesn't lose hopes and continues its quest. And at last finds what it wanted! So the moral here is : "We should never give up easily  in life"

      But much to its agony, the Crow finds the water at a level which is unreachable by it in the jug. Not panicking,  again it doesn't give up. It finds the solution cleverly. So it has a moral again : "Every problem has a solution, so we should  find it and solve it." Hasn't this short story got great morals to teach us?  Though I didn't understand the morals as a child but wondered about the cleverness of the Crow.Here it is in newer for us and the children of this generation to enjoy more:

Reciting rhymes was and will always remain the fun way of learning. Thanks to whoever started such a fun exercise. I used to try  reading between the lines which made the rhyme more interesting.(I learnt them a few years later than KG days, as I studied in regional language.) It made me wonder how they went up the hill, were they good friends? :). It must have been fun pulling a bucket full of water from the well! Were they badly hurt! Poor Jack and Jill!

It was truly nostalgic. Thank you so much again, Blogadda.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

AKSHAYA PATRA- Unlimited Food For Education

Have you heard about it? I have, but knew very little about it. Wait a minute! I am not talking about the Akshaya Patra(  meaning inexhaustible vessel in Sanskrit) from mythology but the Akshaya Patra Foundation.And now that I did some research,I am totally awestruck. Here is some of the information about this  I tried to compile from the official website                        
              Akshaya Patra Foundation is a non- profit organisation serving hygienic-quality, mid-day meals to school children from the last 14 years. It was started in the year 2000 in Bangalore, Karnataka serving around 1500 children in 5 schools.And now it is serving nutritious food prepared in ISO certified kitchens, to over 1.4 million children in 10,661 schools in 10 states across India, in partnership with Government Of India , many State Governments and with the aid from many corporations and donors. It is the world's largest mid-day meal programme and aims to reach 5 million children by 2020.                
              It was a resolve made by, Shri A.C. Bhaktivedant Prabhupada Swamiji, the founder of ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) when he saw few children fighting with street dogs for scraps of food,that no children within the radius of the center should go hungry. This was brought forward by his disciples in the form of Akshaya Patra with the vision-" No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger." Thus it started eliminating hunger and illiteracy from grass root levels with initial challenges to carry out the programme which later resolved with donation of  first vehicle for transportation of food by Mohandas Pai, the current chairman of Manipal Global Education. Abhay Jain assured to get further donors to expand the programme. Since then there has been no turning  back for the organisation which eventually has succeeded in increasing school enrollments and attendance, decreasing the number of school dropouts for earning livelihood. Thus it is a strongly involved in making the society a better place by educating the underprivileged.               
           We can do our smallest bit too by donating Rs.750. You all must be thinking what 750 can do? Watch this video by Akshaya Patra. You can donate money, a vehicle or sponsor a school. It can be online transaction, through cheque/DD,m-check etc. Visit online donations for the same.  And one can get involved by other means -partnerships,fundraising,,volunteering etc.To know more visit here. We can spread the awareness by liking it on social media.It can bring donors and volunteers. And blog about it to feed a child for an entire year ahead. 

                 Thanks Blogadda for giving this opportunity. I  felt very happy doing this.

                       I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

Monday, September 29, 2014


The little princess  and many others admired the bourgeoisie-boy, Jack's charm and brilliance. They all decided to visit his place, about which they had heard  a lot. The bunch of friends headed  to his community in the automobile.As they reached they started yelling in excitement.This was something they had never seen before!  It was serene.Concrete free, environmental friendly houses, built from woods of fallen trees.Now they knew...he was close to nature and corrupt free,which always showed on his face and work;after all,'A thing of beauty is joy forever'

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Sunday, September 28, 2014


Every now and then we get such advice from our elders-teachers, parents, guests at school.And now my question is, why aren't they  like them?And who should I work to be?
Newton or Einstein? Darwin or Lincoln...Charles Babbage,Kalpana Chawla Or Michael Jackson?

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Thursday, September 25, 2014


1947  is such an important year in Indian History. No  explanation is needed to put forth the events that took place in the year. We Indians were freed at last,on our motherland! It is just not them who exploited us, Mohammed Ghazini attacked  and ruined our temples 17 times. And stole all the wealth he could find. Our history says...pearls, gold, and all other precious stones and metals were sold along the streets in markets in Vijayanagar Empire. Yes! We all know that, we were a very rich country. But we lost it to others for not being united. And now...we are still continuing the same, it seems we haven't learnt from the past.We were so happy before they arrived, living like brothers and sisters. The invaders followed the divide and rule policy for their benefit, whose after effects are still there. Why are we continuing to follow something which was planned to weaken us much for the benefit our enemies?

P.S: 1947 page views of my blog caught my attention and this is what occurred to me, like any other Indian.



I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by one of  my few blogger friends, Vinitha Dileep. She blogs at Reflections and Void Thoughts. I knew a bit about this award so had to study little more.:)It is given to blogger friends, in order to promote their blogs, providing a link to theirs. Thanks, Vinitha for promoting mine.

Rules( set by Vinitha):

1)Thank the person who nominated you and link back to his/her blog.
2)Display the award on your blog.
3)Answer the questions from the blogger who nominated you.
4)Pass it on to 8-11 people providing a link to their blogs on yours. And tell them about the nomination.
5)These bloggers should be new in Blogosphere and should have less than 1000 followers(but it is also mentioned that, one should have less than 200 followers).
6)Set 10-11 questions for these bloggers to answer.
7)These rules are to be listed on the nominees blogs too.

My answers to questions from Vinitha:

1) What is meaning of your name?
     My name, Anu____ , means uncomparable or very precious.
2)Do you have a guilty pleasure? What is it?
 Yes, I do have. Sitting idle at home.:)
3)What do you like to do other than reading and writing?
 I like to watch TV.(Occasionally I turn it on, when bored to death)
4)Which is your favourite book?
 If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon is my favourite.
5)What is your favorite quote?
"Dharmo rakshati rakshitah", a Sanskrit quote which means, "Duty saves those who save it" is my favorite.
6)Is there anyone fictional/real who has influenced your life so far?
Yes, there is one!
7)Happiness is________________
Happiness is accepting life as it comes.
8)What do you think you are, an introvert or an extrovert?
I confess, I am an introvert.
9)I love_________
I love  to ________ I don't know I have become  saintly these days:)
10)How many blogposts have you published so far?
32 including this.
11)Do you think there is life after death?Explain.
Off course! There is life after death! We are broken down to basic units-Carbon,Hydrogen, Nitrogen etc giving life to many other organisms:)

The next part is quite a difficult one! I hardly read(my bad) but I surely like a few  I read, for their awesome writing.  And those I follow don't add to even the minimum desired count,8. So I will break this rule and nominate a few. I know  Vinitha will not cane me for this. And I love breaking rules which I find difficult to follow sometimes:)

My nominations are:

Do accept it  and I don't love to follow any rules and so you too can bend them as you wish:) 

And answer the following questions:

1)What are you as a person?
2)Since How long have you been blogging?
3)Your nightmares,  if any?
4)Your strenghts and weaknesses are___
5)Which is your favorite movie?What do you like about it?
6)Which is your favorite soap opera? And what do you like about it?
I have bent the rule  here too:) But do answer these few questions and follow few rules.:):)


                                                                                           PHOTO PROMPT Copyright – Marie Gail Stratford

"That...that is Mikheys bottle and that...Shshwan's ...and that...Rrrogger's...and that ...that...Rrr...rrobi's...then...and then... where is mine?...(turning his head) Damn!Where is mine?... You  gave it to somebody could you...? I ask you earnestly, how could you?... How could you people do this to me...your regular customer??(sob... sob...) Andrewe D'costa, you are not a valuable one, see they don't care about you?"(sob...sob...)completely drunk  Andrewe, left many others laughing in the bar.

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Web Of Fate Chapter-14

                                                                                                               Team : Vijeta
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Puzzled Shekhar,bought the book. Both Shekhar and Tara left Crossword and preferred to go to their hotel by walk.
Tara who knew Shekhar very well, noticing his silence and sadness,"You know Shekhar... you are too emotional and that is your biggest strength and weakness at the same time. I believe its just not you but many writers out there are so...that is why they are taken to writing, to pour down their emotions. And  I feel  lucky to have married one of them."
Shekhar's mind felt light listening to her and he smiled, thinking,'This is why! Because of this considerate,beautiful person in my life I have moved on in life so far, trying to forget my pain.'

 Excited, Jennifer, as she found the Shekhar mentioned in the letters without any trouble, accidentally,  bid Cyrus bye and hurried to her Hotel. With lot of excitement she rushed into her room and opened her laptop.She logged in to her FB account and started searching for this Shekhar from Mumbai....It took her sometime as the name isn't uncommon, but the fact that he was a freelancer, writer, helped her to locate him on FB. She wished, she could find some more details.

Shekhar on reaching the hotel didn't feel like eating but he didn't want his loving wife and daughter too to starve half looking at him upset. So they finished their dinner and Shekhar decided to stay back.Tara didn't need an explanation;she knew whenever he smoked, he didn't want his family around. But this time he was upto something else;trying to steal some free time. He opened the Delhi Tourism book from Crossword and dialed Jennifer's number.

Jennifer who could find no much details about this Shekhar on FB was wishing to talk to him. She  befriended Cyrus on FB and visited his profile.There she could find that he is very fond of reading unlike he appears to be.He preferably reads everyday and it has become his daily ritual. He has a blogger account too. Then her mobile started ringing and she  could hear a low feeble voice on the other side. She knew before she received,that it was Shekhar's.

                                                                                                         Read the next chapter here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Longing For Lifelessness

Humiliated by her peers, she wept many days and nights. Loneliness  crept in, without a clue to her family. In no time,she  started liking being alone;she knew, it is better to be alone than in a bad company. Spending time all alone; with the nature, sometimes she wished to be a bird or a butterfly. As days passed by, she started wishing... to be a rock or  water.

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Wheels Of Life

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" I wish I had done this the other way. I wish I was not pushed into unwanted circumstances and had some more time to myself. I wish  it all was a bad dream;  I wish life goes back, so that I  carefully proceed forward with these nightmares in my mind.I badly wish it to be a nightmare.
I wish life moved backwards... sometimes, to fill the gap and make corrections, helping me to emerge as triumphant as I wish.", she pondered  in vain, again and again.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014


On the breezy day she stood there, on the hilltop, enjoying the serene beauty of the surrounding nature. The constant breeze was washing out her worries and the view widening her positive outlook. Deeply engrossed,she suddenly became aware of the presence of someone nearby; turning behind, she was alarmed by the approaching hairy and monstrous being! Moving backwards she stumbled upon the stone, the hairy-monstrous lady reached and held her hand saying,"Easy...are you alright? You seem new here; I visit here daily for the peace of mind."

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He tortured; she tolerated.She tolerated the bitter pill as long as she could and then finally on one day bid  him  good bye.
She tried moving on in life forgetting the bitter past.She had started laughing now, living life merrily.
Then came the news on that day;the news of his death and she grieved immensely.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Web Of Fate

                                                                                        Chapter 5
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Cyrus curiously reaches for his mobile phone as it beeps; hoping it could be a reply from, Jennifer, the girl he admires so much. He ecstatically opens the message desiring for a positive response. "Very smart!", smilingly he  mutters to himself. Then quickly sliding his fingers across the swiftkey, he texts her.
Jennifer, who is just out of the wash room of her suite, patting her face dry, looks at her beeping mobile. After closing the door behind and rubbing her feet dry on the mat she approaches the phone and reads the message-'Crosswords? Riddles? They are not my cup of tea. But, I can't say no to you. And...and... the poor struggler, sure deserves a rendezvous with the lady, after solving the riddle.:) So...done?:)'
Jennifer,without a second thought, who was more interested in solving it, texts him back, 'Done!'
Her mobile on the bed beeps shortly.She quickly picks it up and reads the reply from, Cyrus-'Come on then! Send it fast! I can not wait more!'
"Crazy guy",nodding her head, she says to herself. She does not find it hard, as it is very close to her heart;having read it many a times, the words of the letter are soon texted to, Cyrus:

“Time is supreme power, Love is ultimate weakness…
Human chasing power, seldom values emotional wealth!
Money may be aim for many, does that repay for broken promises and unfulfilled commitments?
I, in the crowd of many, is lonely inside…
I, in the search of truth, haven’t lived lie?
Lie, colourless-rude and brutal…
I have been a living lie… since long…
I have been a lie…
In pursue of love and happiness, I have been a lie!”

She gazes through the window of her room with an interrogative thought process,"What would be his reaction to this?Does he know about this letter!?Why was he mentioned in the other letter?Who is Shekhar?Does he know him?Will I find answers to all my questions?"
“Oh!Tara,  I am so glad to have  employees like you!”, saying this, Tarun moves  forward and offers a seat for her. “We want to have a talk with you”, the boss says with a big broad smile on his face. The smile on his face is not the one that used to be before.It all seems so artificial to her.  “How conniving people can be!?”, she thinks and takes her seat.
“Tara you seem so tired ; you have been working so hard.Why don’t to take a long, paid  leave? We only offer it to a few and you are a lucky one!”
Tara thinks this is what her, and her family wants at this crucial time! Without a second thought  she agrees and moves out of the cabin, where she was  suffocating. She heads to her workplace thinking, the time and relaxation  might give her strength in taking the right decision.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014


Esha who was waiting curiously for her granny,“Granny look here! Haven’t I turned them into beauties? Thanks to my art and crafts teacher!”
“Oh! My old three in a row, I adored them so.”
Perspective matters dear. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder."

Suicide Is Never An Option

We all know suicide is a crime; one of the worst crimes a man commits. However big the problem one is facing, suicide is not an outlet, as every problem has a solution. However big the mistake one commits knowingly or unknowingly, suicide is not an option because life has no user's manual.If one fails, again suicide is not an option.Do we want to be remembered as a failure ever after? We actually are one, if we quit. We should start it all over again and come out with flying colors, like a hero setting an example to the others. Yes! we should have that attitude; never ever being weakened by the circumstances. And even our opponents should awe this quality of ours. This is not just our life;it's our family's more than ours. Whenever we feel like giving up, we should think about our family.We can endure anything for them,right?
             Sometimes however good  life is,  one still feels depressed which  mostly becomes the cause of suicide. It is because of the hormonal imbalance, so one should consult psychiatrist in such cases as soon as possible. Music is also good for depression but Yoga is considered best as it erases the imbalance. Valuing  life and enjoying it as it is without being over ambitious is key to happiness. And we should do the same.

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Monday, September 08, 2014

Wonderful Glass

A Glass Full Of...
A glass of warm water with  lemon juice and a spoon full of honey;we all have read and heard a lot about this. Earlier I used to wonder about the goodness of this. And now, I know it is no less than an ELIXIR. Yeah, I like to call it ELIXIR as it removes the basic cause of many diseases(cancer being the prime one)the free radicals.  These free radicals cause cellular damage which further heads to cancer,early aging etc.

These free radicals, which we also call toxins, can be removed by the antioxidants. Vitamins-A, C and E are known potential antioxidants. The citrus fruit,lemon is a rich source for of vitamins while honey has some amounts too. So they are beneficial and the mixture is to be taken on empty stomach in the morning with warm water as warm water cleanses the digestive tract and increases bowel movements. Isn't this a simple step, to prevent and to help cure, the disorders.

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Optimism and Healing

Placebo is a medicine which  has no action on the ailment. It is an inert medicine one can say. However it is does show improvement in health, in few.You must be wondering, how is it possible without actually acting on the body? Miracle? Yes it is! Miracle that happens because of positive thinking. The belief in self that one will get well,that optimism, works here. Optimism plays a very big role in healing; when one thinks positive, body responds positively. This is why some people(those who are pessimists) don't respond to medicines.

P.S: Placebo prescription is unethical in some countries.I  wrote this  to explain the power of positive thinking.

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'Yummy! So many varieties of fruits! Oh!Those sapotas and custard-apples,I just love them! I wish I could have them;how can I? They own them and want money in return. I wish nobody was the owner here; I wish everybody could pluck our ancestors did while in forests?  Probably, but they too fought with those stones  and sticks but was nobodies property. The greed and insecurity grew more and more as time passed and they started  owning the God's land. We call it becoming intelligent and  civilized. I wish greed and insecurity were replaced by  consideration  very  early and  everybody would live happily sharing the God's treasure equally.' The poor lad in rags always felt so, when he saw those trees.

P.S: The photo prompt(fire) reminded about pre-historic man 

and so it is about civilization

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Tuberculosis and Yoga

I am not a trained Yoga practitioner. But I do have a bit of knowledge since we had yoga classes in school;well who doesn't these days? Everyone is slowly becoming aware of this ancient Indian practice of  saints. I would love to share a bit of this here:
Anlom Vilom(Alternate nostril breathing) helps curing Tuberculosis(TB). This can be explained scientifically : TB is caused by the bacteria,Mycobacterium tuberculae, which is an obligate aerobe.Obligate aerobes are the ones which require oxygen compulsorily to metabolise. In AnlomVilom(Alternate nostril breathing) practice the air track is kept empty,holding the breath for some time,alternatively and hence at that time many TB microbes die. However it has to be done in a proper manner or else it has no benefits. Getting training from a skilled Yoga-teacher is a must before practicing any form of Yoga.

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