Saturday, July 26, 2014


There were days when she used to be anxious in almost every walk of her life. 
Her roommate,"How can one always be as cheerful as you? You are never tensed and your face glows with that confidence."
She with the sparkling eyes and a smile on her face,"I am moving on in life being aware of  the fact that, no one is here for ever. As long as I am here I want to be calm,composed and happy without a worry. The petty bravery in me  conquered my fear,about all sorts of things,completely  on one good day."
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Friday, July 18, 2014


Happy and gay is everyone around, as it is raining... he thinks as he looks out through the window. Few are  dancing while few enjoying the scene through their balcony with a hot cup of coffee. I remember... whenever it rained,me and my family too came out in our garden and got drenched in was a great feeling. I hate it now...just can't see my wife and kids trying to find a place where the roof isn't leaking... covering their heads with a thing,they will have to suffer sleepless night...if it continues to rain. Things are not the same for everyone...things are not the same always...I will build my empire again...I will not give up...'The greatest glory  in living  lies not in never falling,but in rising every time you fall'-Nelson Mandela.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Written And Unwritten Pages

"How incomplete is my book?!",she exclaims all of a sudden.
"Mom...which book are you talking about?",her perplexed daughter, lying on the couch watching Tv, asks her.
The pensive mother,"  The book given to me by God  has few written and  many unwritten pages. I know almost everything about a few things while very little about few and totally nothing about many others. My brain is half filled." 

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Why I Blog?

 Blogging to me... is a process of understanding myself. As I write down, I verify many a times whether I strongly believe in what I am writing down.So in the process I am clarifying...reassuring...    to myself about what I think. This really is throwing some light on my unknown self and helping me understand myself better. This is different sometimes, when I write for few challenges. There I  am sheerly writing for some fun. So blogging keeps me entertained too. I had stopped blogging for a brief period, couldn't  stay away from here I am again! 

Another important thing is that, I am concentrating on my -grammar,vocabulary ,since I started blogging , trying to write down an impeccable writing. It keeps me engaged and is making me more confident. So I have developed a passion for blogging.  I will never ever estrange myself  from blogging. It is  a promise I have made to myself :).