Friday, July 18, 2014


Happy and gay is everyone around, as it is raining... he thinks as he looks out through the window. Few are  dancing while few enjoying the scene through their balcony with a hot cup of coffee. I remember... whenever it rained,me and my family too came out in our garden and got drenched in was a great feeling. I hate it now...just can't see my wife and kids trying to find a place where the roof isn't leaking... covering their heads with a thing,they will have to suffer sleepless night...if it continues to rain. Things are not the same for everyone...things are not the same always...I will build my empire again...I will not give up...'The greatest glory  in living  lies not in never falling,but in rising every time you fall'-Nelson Mandela.

This post is for : LILLIE MCFERRIN WRITES' Five Sentence Fiction Prompt- RAIN


  1. Beautiful. One has to keep trying, although sometimes it's hard to go on.
    My bit is here.

    1. Thanks for going through my post ,Adam :)

  2. A fresh perspective - life looks different through the eyes of poverty, doesn't it?

    My five are here:

  3. Try and fail, try again, fail better. Great and strong story here.