Sunday, December 07, 2014

The Right Context

Our proverbs are so inspiring...they push us on, in times of distress. The moment we read them, we feel delighted and are on, with that enthusiasm as if some extra energy has flown into us. And so is our fellow, Mugdh. He admires them so much that he collects them;it's his hobby.Yes, he is Paremiographer.

He is very slow in whatever he does because he believes 'It is never too late'. He hardly talks and for the same he has been in trouble many a times. He doesn't even stand up for what is right? It is all just  because he read somewhere that, 'Speech is silver, silence is gold'. He has been trying hard to achieve things he wants but alas! he is nowhere near.This is because he strongly believes 'Where there is a will there is a way' and is heading towards something impossible,trying to do things in his own way. I am afraid to say this now,he failed many a times and accepted his failures as if nothing had gone wrong. That wouldn't be a problem had he failed after an earnest effort but he did it purposely reminding himself,'We learn little from victory and much from failure.'

Wish he soon reads, 'Early bird catches the worm' so that he becomes faster in whatever he does. Oh! He should also know that,'Haste makes waste'! Otherwise...he would hurry too much to be early. He should  soon know that, one should stand up for his rights and a wise man acts smarter than harder!

 Aren't the proverbs applicable in few contexts? They were said by men in certain situations and can not be applied or followed all the time. Half knowledge is really very dangerous!

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