Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Why I Blog?

 Blogging to me... is a process of understanding myself. As I write down, I verify many a times whether I strongly believe in what I am writing down.So in the process I am clarifying...reassuring...    to myself about what I think. This really is throwing some light on my unknown self and helping me understand myself better. This is different sometimes, when I write for few challenges. There I  am sheerly writing for some fun. So blogging keeps me entertained too. I had stopped blogging for a brief period, couldn't  stay away from it...so here I am again! 

Another important thing is that, I am concentrating on my -grammar,vocabulary ,since I started blogging , trying to write down an impeccable writing. It keeps me engaged and is making me more confident. So I have developed a passion for blogging.  I will never ever estrange myself  from blogging. It is  a promise I have made to myself :).


  1. That's great, Anupat!
    Keep Blogging :) Best wishes!

    Where are your previous posts? Saw only 2 here on your Blog & thought you are new to Blogging! :)
    Write more posts & join Blogging sites like BlogAdda, IndiBlogger & WriteTribe.
    Great help for Bloggers!

  2. Thanks Anita..:)
    I actually blogged for 1-2 months and deleted my account...so lost all my previous posts...:)
    Thanks again for the suggestions...will definitely do.:)