Thursday, August 28, 2014

Between Children

"My dad is very strong,intelligent and handsome;he is no less than a hero."
"My dad too is very strong,very handsome and not less than a hero."
"My dad loves me a lot."
"My dad loves me a lot too."
"My dad is very rich."

Linking This To: Lillie Mcferrin's Five Sentence Fiction, Word-Conflict


"Mom,just look at this ; I have offer letters from everywhere!"

"You made it my son;you made it!"

"Oh!I am so happy, I will soon be settled in my life...but...but which one should I accept?"

"Anything will be fine,doing a job is all that matters you had said."

"I want the best of these...but they all are good in ways"

Linking This To: Lillie Mcferrin's Five Sentence Fiction, Word-Conflict

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Annual Exam In My New School

I studied in regional language up to 5th standard. After passing in an entrance-exam in merit I got admission into a well known residential school in the region. Here the medium of instruction was English, so I had to work hard to cope with the syllabus. I really used to work hard and was known  as hard worker in my class and house. My seniors in my house would often ask me to go to sleep whenever they saw me studying late night;'you are just a sixth standard girl,why are you studying so much?. I would still continue. So once, while studying for my annual exams in the afternoon when other students were taking rest(sleeping), in my dormitory entrance, one of my seniors told me that, first three rank holders in annual exam would be given prizes on annual day.I now really wanted one and tried to study harder, so that I  would get a prize on annual day;whenever I felt sleepy I would go to the basin and wash my face with my eyes wide open so that my drowsiness was  washed off. I used pray,"God at least help me getting a third rank" If not a prize I wanted to get at least a certificate on annual day,  how happy may parents would be to see me receiving it! When on my vacations I was eagerly waiting for  my results;my hard work had paid,I stood third in my class and I was very happy. The following year I was given the certificate on a day before annual day,rehearsal day as it was done every year to shorten the duration of annual functions :). But I wasn't disappointed much; getting this was not an easy task so I was contented.I look back and smile, I am so different now;that little girl still catches my attention and I try to seek some inspiration from her.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Vehicle

 PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright-Roger Bultot

The vehicle, every morning, was found on the spot;

From where it was brought

The owner, driver had died on a fateful night;

None came forward to claim the vehicle's right

Nobody came at the auction;

Cops just left it at the station

Then again it was at its location;

Nothing else could be done

So it was left there;

And nobody came near

The nomads got in;

Under bad weather condition

Inside, they found a man;

They became friends soon

He said this is my treasure;

I give it to you with pleasure

Hope I will be in heaven


She toils all through the day, till late night;she works at home,so that is not important.

Mother- in -law rags and taunts,"Poor men! They work for family; ladies at home do nothing,but spend their earning."

She waits for the call to have food;which is only after the men did.

Every now and then she looks at the clock with  the frail eyes,which seems never to be ended.

The wait is so long,her appetite at the end is almost gone; is she really at home?

Linking this to: Lillie McFerrin Writes' Five Sentence Fiction Word-Waiting

Friday, August 22, 2014


"God, please help me, my parents don't understand me;give them some wisdom",the innocent girl prayed and hoped soon things will change. 

That never really happened; she had to struggle to be  as they wanted her,and married the man of their choice. 

She hoped things will soon change;her husband would value her feelings rather than being concerned only with himself. 

Years passed by and things hardly changed. 

Stars had not  changed their positions, at the time of her birth, for no reason;she was destined to be named, 'Prateeksha'.


P.S : 'Prateeksha' in Sanskrit means waiting.

Linking this to: Lillie McFerrin Writes' Five Sentence Fiction Word-Waiting

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Living With The Surrounding


Emma looks through the glasses, widening her frail eyes. Turning the pages of the album has been a routine since it brings solace to her heart. It has photographs of not just family and friends but also the objects she lived with; her all time companions with many memories associated. They were recently moved out for renovation. Now the place  is newer and  the void  in her heart  is widened. Looking at this for hours and hours,soothes her mind and gives her some sleep.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

People responsible... :)

Mam, I could not find any line around our town as it is given in the map",little Anna asks the teacher.

The surprised teacher,"Anna...did you go round the place to find the line?"


"But whenever I go out of the town with my parents, I keep looking through the window to find the line but have not found one till now".

And suddenly, as if it all occurred to her,Anna says, "Mam, I got it now; the rain has washed it off...and the people responsible for it  have not drawn another one yet."
                 Linking this to :Lillie Mc Ferrin Writes Five Sentence Fiction

Friday, August 15, 2014

My First Speech

Years back when I was in my 4th std, mom was away from home. I had to give a speech on independence day and  there was none to write it down for me. My other two friends were doing quite well while I wasn't performing well in rehearsals. Teachers though they had chosen me ,were  reluctant now to let me participate. They let me perform because my father is an influential person in the village and the surrounding region. I had heard my friends' speech and tried a bit of it. Then I asked my sister who is just two and a half years yelder to me to write it down for me. She didn't know we went to one of our uncle's house hoping he would be there and would write it down for me. He did write it down but his hand-writing was not legible. Oh!God knows how much I wished my Mother was there with me at the moment. Then again my sis wrote it down for me omitting the illegible part. I prepared and performed at the Village Panchayat and went home with a notebook as my prize. I had stood first in the competition. We were three stood second and the other who didn't get prize went home running crying. I felt guilty. I thought may  be they gave it to me because of my father but everybody else surrounding said I had done well too. I went home to hear from my granny that  I had really performed well, few from my neighborhood had already informed her about this and there was a news that my little brother was born which was very joyous as he was born after 5 girls.
                                                          Happy Independence Day

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Writer's Block???

I always believed that I can write great stuff(silly...but true). What made me think so?... I really don't know. 

There used to be stories going on in my head. Now as I have become more practical  I am not able to 

write down anything. My power of imagination seems to have come to an end. Few of my writings 

have landed in draft since days. I can think on, but I am not able to believe in what I am 

penning down...and that's stopping me in proceeding further. Somewhere, long back, I had read that 

writers are usually introverts...I did not understand it then completely. Yes, now I feel one has to think 

beyond reality to be a great entertaining and indulging writer. But I would love to be connected to 

reality always. Hope so will be able to pen down few realistic stories which I am finding very difficult 

to, along with a few crazy ones.