Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Annual Exam In My New School

I studied in regional language up to 5th standard. After passing in an entrance-exam in merit I got admission into a well known residential school in the region. Here the medium of instruction was English, so I had to work hard to cope with the syllabus. I really used to work hard and was known  as hard worker in my class and house. My seniors in my house would often ask me to go to sleep whenever they saw me studying late night;'you are just a sixth standard girl,why are you studying so much?. I would still continue. So once, while studying for my annual exams in the afternoon when other students were taking rest(sleeping), in my dormitory entrance, one of my seniors told me that, first three rank holders in annual exam would be given prizes on annual day.I now really wanted one and tried to study harder, so that I  would get a prize on annual day;whenever I felt sleepy I would go to the basin and wash my face with my eyes wide open so that my drowsiness was  washed off. I used pray,"God at least help me getting a third rank" If not a prize I wanted to get at least a certificate on annual day,  how happy may parents would be to see me receiving it! When on my vacations I was eagerly waiting for  my results;my hard work had paid,I stood third in my class and I was very happy. The following year I was given the certificate on a day before annual day,rehearsal day as it was done every year to shorten the duration of annual functions :). But I wasn't disappointed much; getting this was not an easy task so I was contented.I look back and smile, I am so different now;that little girl still catches my attention and I try to seek some inspiration from her.

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