Friday, August 15, 2014

My First Speech

Years back when I was in my 4th std, mom was away from home. I had to give a speech on independence day and  there was none to write it down for me. My other two friends were doing quite well while I wasn't performing well in rehearsals. Teachers though they had chosen me ,were  reluctant now to let me participate. They let me perform because my father is an influential person in the village and the surrounding region. I had heard my friends' speech and tried a bit of it. Then I asked my sister who is just two and a half years yelder to me to write it down for me. She didn't know we went to one of our uncle's house hoping he would be there and would write it down for me. He did write it down but his hand-writing was not legible. Oh!God knows how much I wished my Mother was there with me at the moment. Then again my sis wrote it down for me omitting the illegible part. I prepared and performed at the Village Panchayat and went home with a notebook as my prize. I had stood first in the competition. We were three stood second and the other who didn't get prize went home running crying. I felt guilty. I thought may  be they gave it to me because of my father but everybody else surrounding said I had done well too. I went home to hear from my granny that  I had really performed well, few from my neighborhood had already informed her about this and there was a news that my little brother was born which was very joyous as he was born after 5 girls.
                                                          Happy Independence Day

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