Saturday, August 23, 2014


She toils all through the day, till late night;she works at home,so that is not important.

Mother- in -law rags and taunts,"Poor men! They work for family; ladies at home do nothing,but spend their earning."

She waits for the call to have food;which is only after the men did.

Every now and then she looks at the clock with  the frail eyes,which seems never to be ended.

The wait is so long,her appetite at the end is almost gone; is she really at home?

Linking this to: Lillie McFerrin Writes' Five Sentence Fiction Word-Waiting


  1. Working at home is always underappreciated. That's the sad reality.
    Also, even if a woman is employed somewhere else, in some families it is assumed that she will also do chores at home singlehandedly, which is even worse.
    You've done a good job of presenting her thoughts.

    1. A womans worst enemy is often the other woman. Many mother-in-laws are concerned only about their sons,and consider daughter-in-laws as someone who has come to serve her son and her family.
      Thanks for the appreciation :)