Thursday, August 14, 2014

Writer's Block???

I always believed that I can write great stuff(silly...but true). What made me think so?... I really don't know. 

There used to be stories going on in my head. Now as I have become more practical  I am not able to 

write down anything. My power of imagination seems to have come to an end. Few of my writings 

have landed in draft since days. I can think on, but I am not able to believe in what I am 

penning down...and that's stopping me in proceeding further. Somewhere, long back, I had read that 

writers are usually introverts...I did not understand it then completely. Yes, now I feel one has to think 

beyond reality to be a great entertaining and indulging writer. But I would love to be connected to 

reality always. Hope so will be able to pen down few realistic stories which I am finding very difficult 

to, along with a few crazy ones.


  1. I can totally relate to this feeling.

    1. :)... Thanks for going through my post Mr.Hegde

    2. You know... I save up (outlines of) stories when I'm feeling extra creative for times like these.

    3. I have some in my draft but I am not enjoying writing them. I have become more practical...I guess so :).

  2. Hey Anupat,
    I'm always glad to get honest constructive criticism about my writing. I'm blogging to improve; I don't take myself too seriously.
    Please blast away about the incroyable post or any other post you feel like reading. I'll happily read your reactions. :)

    1. It's such a positive attitude! I have read your posts but this one seemed to be a typical ad,movie or teleseries scene.:)

    2. I didn't spend time on it and it shows. :)

      But I'm mildly surprised that you compared it to movie scenes.

      And thanks for taking time to read the others. :)

    3. a) It's two lines with hardly any imagery
      b) I've always had a feeling that the "popular" Indian writers try to be filmy
      c) Ad films are actually very well researched. They should be a class of their own

    4. :) I could imagine it and felt familiar to the scene. Most of us actually think similar and so the stories can be.:) I am a naive writer,(writer?Hope I can call so as I have begun writing) I can't even write as much as you do.It's such an irony that I criticized you.

    5. I think I understand what you mean. The situation was very 'obvious'. I actually changed it from something even worse. :P

      There's always someone better. I just started a few months back too

      I'd like to read more of the stories in your head. Start writing more often and I'll call you a writer. :D

      I think I should stop now. Our comment thread is longer than the post