Thursday, September 25, 2014


1947  is such an important year in Indian History. No  explanation is needed to put forth the events that took place in the year. We Indians were freed at last,on our motherland! It is just not them who exploited us, Mohammed Ghazini attacked  and ruined our temples 17 times. And stole all the wealth he could find. Our history says...pearls, gold, and all other precious stones and metals were sold along the streets in markets in Vijayanagar Empire. Yes! We all know that, we were a very rich country. But we lost it to others for not being united. And now...we are still continuing the same, it seems we haven't learnt from the past.We were so happy before they arrived, living like brothers and sisters. The invaders followed the divide and rule policy for their benefit, whose after effects are still there. Why are we continuing to follow something which was planned to weaken us much for the benefit our enemies?

P.S: 1947 page views of my blog caught my attention and this is what occurred to me, like any other Indian.

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