Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Redoing My Space With Makemyhome.com

      I am always involved in buying new stuff, to decorate my house and to make it more cozier. So I was very much excited when Blogadda announced this challenge along with  Makemyhome.comI am so thankful to them for giving me this opportunity to share my ideas of renovating my house.
     I love all the styles of  interior-decoration: chic,ethnic,casual,retro,classic,contemporary,monochrome,eclectic etc.,as every style has its own uniqueness.  I have chosen to go eclectic this time as the things I loved  most belong to different decor styles and I don’t want to compromise on this by sticking to one particular style. So here is how I want my dining-hall to be redone with the things from Makemyhome.com.
     I have been looking for a dining-table set and never found something of this sort. It’s one of its kind having both,superior quality and the looks.It’s made of Sheesham(rosewood),which  is highly durable and mostly preferred for furniture. It is termite free and  has the most desired fine finishing .The table and chairs are uniquely designed  to be ultra comfortable. Moreover its unique design lets it occupy less space as the chairs can be tidily nested under the table. It is stylish with  longevity; I don't like to spend on same things again and again.So I am on with this cozy-beautiful 4 Seater Nested Dining Table Set From Marwar Stores.

Plane walls are very unattractive. So while searching the site I came across-Mesleep Canvas Painting Horse On Water. A serene  painting of the sea and the horse is  an eye-catcher.It has the perfect dimensions of 18/22 inches,neither too big nor small.It fits well on the wall  beside the dining table,definitely adding a positive ambience to my dining-hall. 

The lighting at a place always catches once attention as it adds to the looks of the place. I wanted some unique ceiling lamp which I found here, on Makemyhome.com.
Just look at the image! It needs no much explanation. The patterns it forms on walls are amazing. I just love this never seen before range product, Lattice Ceiling Lamp by Sylvn Studio.

I am sure all these three make my dining-hall the talk of the neighborhood.
I believe one should be beautiful from within to make life beautiful and to make it more beautiful, one should add beautiful things to the surrounding, afterall- 'A thing of beauty is joy forever' as the great poet Keats said. 
             Thank you, Blogadda and Makemyhome.com, again for this beautiful experience.

                      This post is a part of Makemyhome activity at BlogAdda.com

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