Friday, September 05, 2014

Tuberculosis and Yoga

I am not a trained Yoga practitioner. But I do have a bit of knowledge since we had yoga classes in school;well who doesn't these days? Everyone is slowly becoming aware of this ancient Indian practice of  saints. I would love to share a bit of this here:
Anlom Vilom(Alternate nostril breathing) helps curing Tuberculosis(TB). This can be explained scientifically : TB is caused by the bacteria,Mycobacterium tuberculae, which is an obligate aerobe.Obligate aerobes are the ones which require oxygen compulsorily to metabolise. In AnlomVilom(Alternate nostril breathing) practice the air track is kept empty,holding the breath for some time,alternatively and hence at that time many TB microbes die. However it has to be done in a proper manner or else it has no benefits. Getting training from a skilled Yoga-teacher is a must before practicing any form of Yoga.

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  1. Yoga is something I love doing. It gives such a peaceful feeling. :)

    1. Yes, it does give that wonderful feeling.
      Thanks for visiting, Sheethal :).

  2. Oh great! It's a useful piece of information....thanks for sharing