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Web Of Fate Chapter-14

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Puzzled Shekhar,bought the book. Both Shekhar and Tara left Crossword and preferred to go to their hotel by walk.
Tara who knew Shekhar very well, noticing his silence and sadness,"You know Shekhar... you are too emotional and that is your biggest strength and weakness at the same time. I believe its just not you but many writers out there are so...that is why they are taken to writing, to pour down their emotions. And  I feel  lucky to have married one of them."
Shekhar's mind felt light listening to her and he smiled, thinking,'This is why! Because of this considerate,beautiful person in my life I have moved on in life so far, trying to forget my pain.'

 Excited, Jennifer, as she found the Shekhar mentioned in the letters without any trouble, accidentally,  bid Cyrus bye and hurried to her Hotel. With lot of excitement she rushed into her room and opened her laptop.She logged in to her FB account and started searching for this Shekhar from Mumbai....It took her sometime as the name isn't uncommon, but the fact that he was a freelancer, writer, helped her to locate him on FB. She wished, she could find some more details.

Shekhar on reaching the hotel didn't feel like eating but he didn't want his loving wife and daughter too to starve half looking at him upset. So they finished their dinner and Shekhar decided to stay back.Tara didn't need an explanation;she knew whenever he smoked, he didn't want his family around. But this time he was upto something else;trying to steal some free time. He opened the Delhi Tourism book from Crossword and dialed Jennifer's number.

Jennifer who could find no much details about this Shekhar on FB was wishing to talk to him. She  befriended Cyrus on FB and visited his profile.There she could find that he is very fond of reading unlike he appears to be.He preferably reads everyday and it has become his daily ritual. He has a blogger account too. Then her mobile started ringing and she  could hear a low feeble voice on the other side. She knew before she received,that it was Shekhar's.

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