Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wheels Of Life

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" I wish I had done this the other way. I wish I was not pushed into unwanted circumstances and had some more time to myself. I wish  it all was a bad dream;  I wish life goes back, so that I  carefully proceed forward with these nightmares in my mind.I badly wish it to be a nightmare.
I wish life moved backwards... sometimes, to fill the gap and make corrections, helping me to emerge as triumphant as I wish.", she pondered  in vain, again and again.

Linkning This To: Lillie McFerrin Writes' Five Sentence Fiction.


  1. regrets are burdens, what had happened had happened move forward always

    Wheel of Life

    1. Yeah, Cifar, I agree with you. But she does that in vain. And am sure she will accept the truth sometime in life and hope it will not be too late.

  2. It would have been good sometimes to have a pause button or rewind button for life, but then it won't be called life right.. Very well penned, Anu...