Thursday, November 27, 2014



       Each day my nervousness would increase as the day passed and sun set. I could see everybody sleeping cozily in their beds at night, while I was  turning sides on my bed with fear in my mind.I knew it would come back again. It didn't visit on some days but  it would return anytime, it was all uncertain.
       Scared,I would cover my head and tuck the blanket beneath me all around.  It stood near by, beside my cot.I had not seen it but only felt its presence. I could only see a black shadow through my closed eyes. I felt something heavier on my chest, pressing it hard whenever it visited.I used to struggle hard to, push it back, to yell  and to see it but I failed every time. I couldn't  shout even with a lot of effort. I used to feel someting holding my throat tightly as if strangling me.I used to open my eyes much later; after a lot of struggle  and it would be gone. Days slowly stopped  haunting. But it was too late, I was not completely prepared  and only a month was left for my 12th board exams. I was someone who preferred studying till late night as I used to find it difficult to concentrate in the morning and would only drowse. 
      Much later, after many years, I came to know that it is a sleep disorder called,'Sleep Paralysis'.It is a state when our brain is neither completely awake nor asleep.So the body feels partially paralysed and is unable to move,mostly stress being the main cause for it. There are many such things...unknown to  people like us and are perceived as ghosts.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


         I just once looking at the idol on my friend's table, made a wish. It came true in a fortnight. It was something impossible to happen...but it had happened. I still think about it. My heart wants to believe in the blessings while my brain questions it again and again, was it a miracle or it  just occurred naturally?
       Does chanting Mantras( Holy verses) make ones life better by removing all the obstacles, fulfilling all our wishes? I have doubted about this too, many a times. But still I have chanted them many a times hoping for the good to happen. Yes, in the fight between my brain and  my heart, my heart won over making me pray. I experienced a lot of changes since I started praying regularly. The Deities blessed me ; my perspective of life  changed and I was more happier than ever. Am I really blessed? I wondered again! With some reasoning I came to the conclusion that, it is more Scientific than Godly. It was me who was helping myself. The weaker me believed strongly that something  or someone with superior powers will do the things that I can not do for myself. This strong belief had a positive effect on me and so I was or my body was responding positively by itself doing things I couldn't before, because of that negative energy...stress,disorientation etc. I also noticed that chanting Mantras in a rhythm with concentration  helps but not otherwise. It relieves stress as all the preoccupied stuff from the mind is forced out to concentrate on the Mantra or deity we are praying for. And the rhythmic chanting brings  harmony in the physiology of our body too, which is nothing but healing. 
         If you have experienced anything supernatural do share it in the comment box. It may help many of us. 

Friday, November 21, 2014


I never expected such an opportunity again! It's nothing less than living your childhood once again! And who doesn't want to? Though a bit busy, I chose to write down for this because I didn't want to miss this opportunity (I win or don't win is secondary). Thanks Blogadda, you made my day  by giving  such an opportunity of re-living my childhood.
      We all grow up listening to stories and they all become our favourites. The one which is closest to my heart and will ever remain fresh in my memory is this story of the crow, The Clever Crow. Crows??? Who likes them? But there were plenty flying around in my place and so I was very familiar with them I can say and so this was my favorite story in my childhood. (We  are a little curious about the life of the creatures that live around us,  in our childhood. Alas! This fades away as we grow up! And life starts becoming boring!). It has  good morals too-
1)We should never give up easily  in life
2)Every problem has a solution,  we should  find it and solve it.

     When the Crow does not find water for a long time, it doesn't lose hopes and continues its quest. And at last finds what it wanted! So the moral here is : "We should never give up easily  in life"

      But much to its agony, the Crow finds the water at a level which is unreachable by it in the jug. Not panicking,  again it doesn't give up. It finds the solution cleverly. So it has a moral again : "Every problem has a solution, so we should  find it and solve it." Hasn't this short story got great morals to teach us?  Though I didn't understand the morals as a child but wondered about the cleverness of the Crow.Here it is in newer for us and the children of this generation to enjoy more:

Reciting rhymes was and will always remain the fun way of learning. Thanks to whoever started such a fun exercise. I used to try  reading between the lines which made the rhyme more interesting.(I learnt them a few years later than KG days, as I studied in regional language.) It made me wonder how they went up the hill, were they good friends? :). It must have been fun pulling a bucket full of water from the well! Were they badly hurt! Poor Jack and Jill!

It was truly nostalgic. Thank you so much again, Blogadda.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

AKSHAYA PATRA- Unlimited Food For Education

Have you heard about it? I have, but knew very little about it. Wait a minute! I am not talking about the Akshaya Patra(  meaning inexhaustible vessel in Sanskrit) from mythology but the Akshaya Patra Foundation.And now that I did some research,I am totally awestruck. Here is some of the information about this  I tried to compile from the official website                        
              Akshaya Patra Foundation is a non- profit organisation serving hygienic-quality, mid-day meals to school children from the last 14 years. It was started in the year 2000 in Bangalore, Karnataka serving around 1500 children in 5 schools.And now it is serving nutritious food prepared in ISO certified kitchens, to over 1.4 million children in 10,661 schools in 10 states across India, in partnership with Government Of India , many State Governments and with the aid from many corporations and donors. It is the world's largest mid-day meal programme and aims to reach 5 million children by 2020.                
              It was a resolve made by, Shri A.C. Bhaktivedant Prabhupada Swamiji, the founder of ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) when he saw few children fighting with street dogs for scraps of food,that no children within the radius of the center should go hungry. This was brought forward by his disciples in the form of Akshaya Patra with the vision-" No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger." Thus it started eliminating hunger and illiteracy from grass root levels with initial challenges to carry out the programme which later resolved with donation of  first vehicle for transportation of food by Mohandas Pai, the current chairman of Manipal Global Education. Abhay Jain assured to get further donors to expand the programme. Since then there has been no turning  back for the organisation which eventually has succeeded in increasing school enrollments and attendance, decreasing the number of school dropouts for earning livelihood. Thus it is a strongly involved in making the society a better place by educating the underprivileged.               
           We can do our smallest bit too by donating Rs.750. You all must be thinking what 750 can do? Watch this video by Akshaya Patra. You can donate money, a vehicle or sponsor a school. It can be online transaction, through cheque/DD,m-check etc. Visit online donations for the same.  And one can get involved by other means -partnerships,fundraising,,volunteering etc.To know more visit here. We can spread the awareness by liking it on social media.It can bring donors and volunteers. And blog about it to feed a child for an entire year ahead. 

                 Thanks Blogadda for giving this opportunity. I  felt very happy doing this.

                       I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.