Thursday, November 27, 2014



       Each day my nervousness would increase as the day passed and sun set. I could see everybody sleeping cozily in their beds at night, while I was  turning sides on my bed with fear in my mind.I knew it would come back again. It didn't visit on some days but  it would return anytime, it was all uncertain.
       Scared,I would cover my head and tuck the blanket beneath me all around.  It stood near by, beside my cot.I had not seen it but only felt its presence. I could only see a black shadow through my closed eyes. I felt something heavier on my chest, pressing it hard whenever it visited.I used to struggle hard to, push it back, to yell  and to see it but I failed every time. I couldn't  shout even with a lot of effort. I used to feel someting holding my throat tightly as if strangling me.I used to open my eyes much later; after a lot of struggle  and it would be gone. Days slowly stopped  haunting. But it was too late, I was not completely prepared  and only a month was left for my 12th board exams. I was someone who preferred studying till late night as I used to find it difficult to concentrate in the morning and would only drowse. 
      Much later, after many years, I came to know that it is a sleep disorder called,'Sleep Paralysis'.It is a state when our brain is neither completely awake nor asleep.So the body feels partially paralysed and is unable to move,mostly stress being the main cause for it. There are many such things...unknown to  people like us and are perceived as ghosts.

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