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I never expected such an opportunity again! It's nothing less than living your childhood once again! And who doesn't want to? Though a bit busy, I chose to write down for this because I didn't want to miss this opportunity (I win or don't win is secondary). Thanks Blogadda, you made my day  by giving  such an opportunity of re-living my childhood.
      We all grow up listening to stories and they all become our favourites. The one which is closest to my heart and will ever remain fresh in my memory is this story of the crow, The Clever Crow. Crows??? Who likes them? But there were plenty flying around in my place and so I was very familiar with them I can say and so this was my favorite story in my childhood. (We  are a little curious about the life of the creatures that live around us,  in our childhood. Alas! This fades away as we grow up! And life starts becoming boring!). It has  good morals too-
1)We should never give up easily  in life
2)Every problem has a solution,  we should  find it and solve it.

     When the Crow does not find water for a long time, it doesn't lose hopes and continues its quest. And at last finds what it wanted! So the moral here is : "We should never give up easily  in life"

      But much to its agony, the Crow finds the water at a level which is unreachable by it in the jug. Not panicking,  again it doesn't give up. It finds the solution cleverly. So it has a moral again : "Every problem has a solution, so we should  find it and solve it." Hasn't this short story got great morals to teach us?  Though I didn't understand the morals as a child but wondered about the cleverness of the Crow.Here it is in newer for us and the children of this generation to enjoy more:

Reciting rhymes was and will always remain the fun way of learning. Thanks to whoever started such a fun exercise. I used to try  reading between the lines which made the rhyme more interesting.(I learnt them a few years later than KG days, as I studied in regional language.) It made me wonder how they went up the hill, were they good friends? :). It must have been fun pulling a bucket full of water from the well! Were they badly hurt! Poor Jack and Jill!

It was truly nostalgic. Thank you so much again, Blogadda.

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