Wednesday, November 26, 2014


         I just once looking at the idol on my friend's table, made a wish. It came true in a fortnight. It was something impossible to happen...but it had happened. I still think about it. My heart wants to believe in the blessings while my brain questions it again and again, was it a miracle or it  just occurred naturally?
       Does chanting Mantras( Holy verses) make ones life better by removing all the obstacles, fulfilling all our wishes? I have doubted about this too, many a times. But still I have chanted them many a times hoping for the good to happen. Yes, in the fight between my brain and  my heart, my heart won over making me pray. I experienced a lot of changes since I started praying regularly. The Deities blessed me ; my perspective of life  changed and I was more happier than ever. Am I really blessed? I wondered again! With some reasoning I came to the conclusion that, it is more Scientific than Godly. It was me who was helping myself. The weaker me believed strongly that something  or someone with superior powers will do the things that I can not do for myself. This strong belief had a positive effect on me and so I was or my body was responding positively by itself doing things I couldn't before, because of that negative energy...stress,disorientation etc. I also noticed that chanting Mantras in a rhythm with concentration  helps but not otherwise. It relieves stress as all the preoccupied stuff from the mind is forced out to concentrate on the Mantra or deity we are praying for. And the rhythmic chanting brings  harmony in the physiology of our body too, which is nothing but healing. 
         If you have experienced anything supernatural do share it in the comment box. It may help many of us. 


  1. I agree Anu, "It was me who was helping myself. I also debated with myself about this. Though I still have a small pooja area at home and I do pray sometimes, I don't ask for things and leave everything to the God to take care. I understand my part in prayers now. That being said, I don't mind God fulfilling my dreams leaving me astonished once in a while ;)

    1. Thanks Vinitha, for going through my post.:)