Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Another Story from My Childhood

Everybody in my class knew me as a hard worker. I really used to study hard on all the days, even  on Sundays. And was a rank holder in my class. I always used to strive to be number one in my class and achieved it many a times. 

Once,one of my classmates who admired me asked ,"I heard you put oil in your eyes to study." I was puzzled by this and said,"No. That is not true."". "You, don't?" "No, I don't." Then she left, I had told her the truth but what she had said remained in my mind, I just could not forget that and kept thinking about it.I did not know about this... putting oil in eyes. I thought she asked me that because mostly oil also keeps one awake. I only used to widen my eyes and splash water whenever I felt sleepy. So I tried this as well, many a times, while I was in school. 

Much later when I had graduated I came to know that it's a phrase in my mother tongue which means, 'working hard'.  Life was so simpler then, only knew working hard. Why does life become complicated as one grows up? I only smile whenever this comes to my mind. And feel happy for what I was...a stupid girl? No, for being a hard-worker. I am not boasting about it now, there is no point in boasting. I do really feel proud about it :). I might not have accomplished much from it but such acts  of ours really make us proud and inspire us, don't they?

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