Sunday, December 14, 2014

My reflection smiled, I didn't

I was enthusiastic and intelligent kid and humble at the same time...that is what I hear people talking now.  I took interest in every activity in life and in school. My younger sister says now, 'She wrote the multiplication table up to 30 very fast and never showed me. She had learnt it up to 30 and had the knack  to multiply or add whenever she got stuck in between, at that age.' Yes, I used to do that whenever my mother assigned the work to both of us saying she would come back and check. My younger sister also says that I always collected more berries than her and always won the games we played. I always came first in school,even  when we shifted from our native village to town. And I remember the boy who had been first throughout in the class until I came, crying and complaining, pointing a finger towards me to his family members saying, 'That is the girl who comes first now....' 

When I got into the prestigious residential school, I did well there too. I didn't know to dance at all, but I learnt it and became a dancer. I was the only one amongst 670 students, who practiced basket ball all alone while others chit chatted or played in groups. I then became a basket ball player. I was good in academics, I was always one of the top three students in class.I was an athlete,did drawing and painting, sketching,embroidery. I never taunted or troubled others like many other girls did in my house nor did I boast. I played chess and was a chess champion for an year. I was awarded the best outgoing student considering the activities I took part in, with a voting by teachers and students. 

I got into the professional course,did my masters through merit. Everybody in family says now, I never demanded anything but only gave them. I did all by myself. I had my share of problems too but I never complained and moved on becoming successful in whatever I did.  I had lot of dreams about the future and loved life.I achieved a lot, struggled a lot in 28 years of my life and wanted to settle now. It was the time when I reaped the benefits but I lost at last. I lost to death. I  saw my reflection, the little girl, smiling...I saw the struggling grown up smiling.... reflection smiled , I didn't. I didn't...I didn't... because I wanted to live.

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  1. Such a lovely article :) Made me all nostalgic! I do remember my school days and it does seem a little similar to what you have written here :) And trust me I'm still struggling to get settled 'coz I'm still an ambitious girl (Although my friends tell me that I'm already settled in life) I guess sometimes it's about perception !! I feel sometimes I have to change the way I think :) But then I just have one life and I want it all :)

    New Post - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!