Monday, December 01, 2014

My Voice For A Cleaner India

Who makes our surroundings filthy? Is it the aliens?Probably, they don't like us you see... :). We are responsible for it and we know that very well. Why are we doing this? Don't we all know that it affects our well being? Probably...we all know, but still not bothered as we are too lazy or  may be we like being in filth so don't want to clean it and are constantly involved in making it filthier.

A few wise men among us or government may clean it again and again, but that is always a temporary solution as the rest of us do continue the same. We all  notice spit, nasal mucous etc.  on road side and feel like puking then and there, it is all so dirty! Disgusting!It is not just the uneducated few but many of the so called educated are the culprits here! Just before doing such things one should think how the other people may feel while passing by.  For a cleaner India, people's mind set should be changed first. Government should take measures in this regard from Panchayat(Governing body at villages) level.People should start liking cleanliness in the surroundings. 

In my city we keep the household wastes in front of our doors everyday segregating the biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes into different dustbins and the wastes collector does his job of collecting it all and disposing it.Thanks to the local administrators! I don't know whether this is carried out  all over India. Even if it is...I am not sure whether it is practiced in villages. It is responsibility of every one of us along with the government to make India cleaner.Few other things Government should concentrate on is on the construction of proper drainage system for every village. Thus only a part of India can be cleaned. 

What about our rivers and the air we breathe in? The industrial waste management has become the major issue. Government should impose strict laws on industries for recycling of wastes and purification  before they are disposed, for a cleaner environment. Increasing the frequency of public transports for preventing air pollution.

There is another root cause, wasting or improper usage of goods like plastics. The more we waste them the more is their collection as garbage. So we have to use and reuse them sensibly, avoiding their accumulation in the Earth's crust. 

We can reach great heights when we work together as a nation.

P.S: This was written for Indiblogger's Kyun Ki Ab Bin Bole Nahin Chalega#Ab Montu Bolega , however I could not submit it on time.

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