Monday, December 22, 2014

PK Is Just OK...

This is my first review on the blog; I never thought I would post one. But this movie definitely compelled me to, because I found it not a so fresh or original story. The movie makers seem to be very much inspired by the 2012 release OMG-Oh My God,like the audience, and so have tried to convey the same message, yet again in a similar way with a slight modification in the story line with a more popular star cast of these days.

In OMG, Lord Krishna (played by Akshay Kumar) comes down to earth to help the atheist business man (Pareshrawal) and backs his opinion that all the rituals to serve the deity is just a waste and gives the message that he is within us and not to search him in temples or churches or mosques while in PK the message is given through an alien,astronaut (Aamir Khan) whose remote gets robbed soon after he lands on Earth. He starts searching God to get help to go back home, to his planet, on being wrongly advised by many men. Like many of us who search God, he is disheartened too and on not finding God he starts distributing the pamphlets of Gods headlined 'MISSING'with an address below to contact him if one finds God. Meanwhile heartbroken, Jagajjanani aka Jaggu (Anushka Sharma) who is back to Delhi from Belgium after love failure  gets no entry into her home. While working for TV, she is in search of an unusual story and finds PK's unusual behaviour and is after him to make the news. It's much like the media attention Paresh Rawal gets on filing a case against God in OMG. Jaggu on listening to his story comes to know that PK is an alien and promises to help him.She with PK's help tries to prove the Swamiji(priest), whom her family follows too, wrong. There is a bomb blast scene in the movie where PK loses his friend, his brother who helped him in the past, Sajay Dutt, in it. Though I say it is, 'An old wine in a new bottle', it is emotionally engaging as the alien PK does all to satisfy the Gods, just to get back his stolen remote. The acting by Aamir and Anushka is brilliant and not to forget Sanjay Dutt,Boman Irani and Sushant Singh who have done a very good job in the roles assigned. It is yet another mirror like OMG reflecting the the beliefs and ironies of the intelligent living beings,humans,on the Earth.The direction isn't bad either. So I can say,overall the movie PK is OK. 

So my rating would be: