Friday, December 19, 2014

Wishing For Miracles

I many a times pray for miracles to take place.Sounds crazy right? But I do and wish all the stories of miracles I heard are true. 

I want the bad things that happened to be erased. I want the time to go back,to make corrections or to be extra careful...even if the Earth has to rotate in the opposite directions for the same. These things never happen, but still the agony in me makes me desire such things. And why shouldn't these happen?Is it against the nature? I question myself. Don't the innocent  who die deserve these? We  punish the culprits but that would only prevent further massacres  from taking place...what about the shattered dreams of many...what about those who lost their lives?  I want  the dead to come back to life. For these at least I feel like believing in  the supernatural forces/powers. I feel like believing in rebirths. I urge  the supernatural forces to act in such circumstances to provide justice to the innocent. I urge they come back as if a miracle happened.

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