Saturday, January 31, 2015

Unbelievable- A journey with 'ands'

    We come across a very few people around us, whom we admire very much for their values and talent, in life. And I was lucky enough to have one such person around me. 
   She was a humble and very enthusiastic child. And one could see that sparkle in her eyes. Always,she won the village games we used to play. Never afraid of the bruises on her elbows and knees, she learnt cycling all by herself when she was 9. Joyous, she would ride it all around the place. In second standard she had learnt multiple tables up to 30 and had begun on 1/4 tables.Surprising right? Even I hadn't heard of this... 1/4 one ja 1/4,1/4 two ja 1/2,1/4 three ja 3/4,1/4 four ja 1 and so on...until then. Even when we moved from our village to the district place, she stood first in class(4th grade) in every test and exam. Once, after school hours, with that innocent smile she told that, the boy who was a topper until then,was crying in front of his parents and pointing towards her saying,"she is the one who comes first in class now!". 
     Soon after admission to our residentail school in 6th standard, teachers would  get a few involved in the school teams: Basketball team, singing team and into athletics. Though she won prizes for drawing, painiting and academics, she wasn't in the school teams I mentioned before. The innocent girl never hesitated to practice basket ball all by herself while rest of the school students, around 670, played or chatted in groups. Curiously every body would look at her as it was unusual to see someone playing all alone amidst the crowd. She didn't even notice that, as she used to be completely involved in the game. Soon she was taken into the dormitory basket-ball team. And then when in 9th standard she was invited to the school team. She used to try to sing and hum the film songs and soon learnt singing, as they say singing comes by practice. And while in 8th grade she had become a long distance runner and from then on  won many prizes,every year in the school's annual sports competitions. She learnt dancing and was selected for inter class and inter dormitory competitions, which used to take place regularly on festivals,teacher's day and on the eve of new year. She embroidered skillfully,swimmed swiftly and rode the horses confidently. Chess and Carom were her forte too. And in the final year she became chess champion at school. With that high score of  96.4% in her 10th standard board exams ,she again made us  proud of her. Thus she kept on adding 'And' to her skills list in 7 years of her life at the residential school and became an all-rounder. She was supposed to be awarded the 'Best Girl' in school in final year considering her talent and behaviour all teachers and 11th standard students, her juniors, argued with the principal of the school but he considered only academics and awarded the other girl who was first in class. My sister who was second, got awarded 'Best Residential Girl' which is next to best girl award. This was not the end to her achievements. She scored  90% in 12th standard(PCM-97% and PCB-95%) and got into  medicine through merit and completed her M.S. (Opthalmology) again through merit in a government college with a stipend.

More than all this, she was a very good human-being. She rose like a Phoenix in life, and set stupendous example to many.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Litterbug talks...

 Few men wished to fly like you, bird; so they invented parachutes, gliders, hot air balloons, choppers and planes. And a few wanted to be like you, fish; so they learnt to swim and floated on boats and ships. You guys- pigs, cows, dogs etc. pee, shit, drool here and there and so I thought why shouldn't I? You throw the wastes on the spot where you eat. I thought, why shouldn't I? After all, I belong to one of the most intelligent species on Earth. I don't want to lag behind, so have I defeated you here. I do what all you creatures do. When I fight they compare me to you, it feels so great! I am both civilized and uncivilized!

I am a great patriot too, and it shows when India wins a match; I burn crackers so much that the streets get decorated with the colorful cracker wrappers for days. I don't know why few fellow living beings, men, around me are obsessed with cleanliness. They don't know the meaning of freedom. They don't want to be number-1 in everything; they are so dumb, they sometimes let you take over the place. I sometimes looking at them, get affected unknowingly and behave like an OCPD patient. I clean my neighborhood and city. Shout slogans of cleanliness, spread awareness of it and when I completely become alright, the ambitious me is back on track in the hidden competition of littering.  

In this era of competition I do compete with my fellows too, for that seat in college or for that job. I have lost to many, many a times. But in littering I haven't lost even once, neither to you nor to them, and never will, it is the only place where I can definitely win. Off course I have tough times; I have to survive those brain washes, speeches on cleanliness. But I overcome them and ultimately emerge as 'The Great Indian Litterbug', every time. But I am afraid, I may come out of the competition permanently some time; never know when my brain gets washed, goes out of my control completely. I have to find an alternate solution, a tablet or syrup or some exercises to maintain stability and be in control. I swear I will not let you or anyone be No-1. I am the Great Indian Litterbug and will ever strive and remain. I even try hard to set unbreakable records and so practice regularly. My next aim is to become the great litter bug in the world and make my country number-1 filthy country in the world. This will be my little contribution to my dear nation. Wish me luck Guys. I need your support and blessings, men here don't like my job and are constantly trying to pull my leg.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Laundry Is Not Just A Woman's Job

IS LAUNDRY ONLY A WOMAN'S JOB?  Not at all, if you ask me. There was a time when man was earning for the family and the lady of the house did household chores and looked after kids. But now, women are equally earning a livelihood and still laundry and other household chores rest on her shoulders. Even if she isn't a working woman, it shouldn't completely be her responsibility as being a homemaker is not easier either. It is not a job of just 8hrs or some fixed time for 5 or 6 days a week but a job with no time limit and no holidays. All day running around kids, preparing food, buying grocery and vegetables, keeping house clean, paying bills etc is so tiresome! If men do a bit like taking care of the laundry once a week on Sundays or holidays that would be a great help. But, they don't because they are not brought up that way; since childhood only a girl child is dragged to the kitchen or trained to do the other household jobs. So if 2/3rds of Indian women feel there is inequality at home, they are absolutely right! According to the survey, 76% of Indian men feel laundry is a woman's job and 77% depend on women on for doing the laundry because, as said earlier, they haven't done it since their childhood; their mother or sister has done it for them. So if most of them (2/3rds of the men) prefer watching TV or relaxing (76%) over doing household chores, it is not their mistake! Ladies should start teaching their sons that working at home for some time is their job too and is necessary to live life fairly. The poor working Indian woman has two jobs, one at home and one at work; according to the statistics  85% of women feel so and I too believe that. The numbers still increase if the survey is done on a larger scale. Only in my school did I see washer men who washed our school dresses: skirts, t-shirts, scarves and bed-sheets. Women are entering into every field, where only men used to work, but men... they are still lagging behind!:)

Hope all mothers soon take the responsibility of changing this and make the life of many other women easier in future. 'Bring up your son to be a better man', that is what I can say.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Take care and be happy!

    Mountains and valleys on the earth's surface look so serene and captivatingbut that rough surface on a face, is definitely a no.

    Those eruptions,pimples, on a face give a dirty, untidy look. Apart from the awkwardness one feels to move around with that face, there's lower performance in everything one does because of self-consciousness or lower self-confidence and many a times because, the other pretty face is favored unfairly. Be it the teachers in charge or the lab attenders, whom we deal with for the project or day-today laboratory activities, be it the dance teacher or the skit master, all favor the prettier. This is truly annoying and saddening at the same time. Those tiny eruptions really cause a hell lot of problems! We  definitely  do a lot to get rid of these and in the hustle invite many more problems.
-That frequent rinsing of face in order to wash off the excess oil extremely dries out the skin, worsening the condition.
-That frequent tendency to prick the ugly looking puss filled pimple, spreads them all over the face and leaves a blemish or scar too. Again, these blemishes or scars are not appreciable unlike the appearance of craters on moon.
-Hiding them with concealer or foundation does a bit, but that clear face has the untold radiance. Removing the make-up every day completely is mandatory, if undone or half-done on some tiresome days has surely worst in store.

    I did suffer because of pimples and know how one feels. They stayed for almost 3 years I had to struggle hard to get rid of them and in the process my skin has lost the luster. I tried all- from household remedies like gram-flour pack, sandalwood paste to many creams and cleansers which only dried my skin and let in few lines on my face.  I used to use Garnier Fructis-Long and Strong Shampoo and Conditioner which did wonders and heads turned to have a glimpse of my hair; and many in my college, from juniors to teachers enquired me about the secret for healthy, shiny hair. I felt so proud then. I wish Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash was available too. It is always necessary to choose the right product for our skin so that it does not adversely affect. Now this activity has definitely reminded me about how good the Garnier products are, and I have decided to go back to them and will even keep the Neem Face Wash handy as a precaution to keep those eruptions at bay. 

    A healthy confident face leads us to wherever we want. It is necessary to be beautiful, to not to take an advantage but to not to lose our worth. Beauty is skin deep and not to forget, as Keats said,'A thing of beauty is joy forever'. So, one should take care and be happy.