Monday, January 19, 2015

Laundry Is Not Just A Woman's Job

IS LAUNDRY ONLY A WOMAN'S JOB?  Not at all, if you ask me. There was a time when man was earning for the family and the lady of the house did household chores and looked after kids. But now, women are equally earning a livelihood and still laundry and other household chores rest on her shoulders. Even if she isn't a working woman, it shouldn't completely be her responsibility as being a homemaker is not easier either. It is not a job of just 8hrs or some fixed time for 5 or 6 days a week but a job with no time limit and no holidays. All day running around kids, preparing food, buying grocery and vegetables, keeping house clean, paying bills etc is so tiresome! If men do a bit like taking care of the laundry once a week on Sundays or holidays that would be a great help. But, they don't because they are not brought up that way; since childhood only a girl child is dragged to the kitchen or trained to do the other household jobs. So if 2/3rds of Indian women feel there is inequality at home, they are absolutely right! According to the survey, 76% of Indian men feel laundry is a woman's job and 77% depend on women on for doing the laundry because, as said earlier, they haven't done it since their childhood; their mother or sister has done it for them. So if most of them (2/3rds of the men) prefer watching TV or relaxing (76%) over doing household chores, it is not their mistake! Ladies should start teaching their sons that working at home for some time is their job too and is necessary to live life fairly. The poor working Indian woman has two jobs, one at home and one at work; according to the statistics  85% of women feel so and I too believe that. The numbers still increase if the survey is done on a larger scale. Only in my school did I see washer men who washed our school dresses: skirts, t-shirts, scarves and bed-sheets. Women are entering into every field, where only men used to work, but men... they are still lagging behind!:)

Hope all mothers soon take the responsibility of changing this and make the life of many other women easier in future. 'Bring up your son to be a better man', that is what I can say.

I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at in association with Ariel.

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