Sunday, January 18, 2015

Take care and be happy!

    Mountains and valleys on the earth's surface look so serene and captivatingbut that rough surface on a face, is definitely a no.

    Those eruptions,pimples, on a face give a dirty, untidy look. Apart from the awkwardness one feels to move around with that face, there's lower performance in everything one does because of self-consciousness or lower self-confidence and many a times because, the other pretty face is favored unfairly. Be it the teachers in charge or the lab attenders, whom we deal with for the project or day-today laboratory activities, be it the dance teacher or the skit master, all favor the prettier. This is truly annoying and saddening at the same time. Those tiny eruptions really cause a hell lot of problems! We  definitely  do a lot to get rid of these and in the hustle invite many more problems.
-That frequent rinsing of face in order to wash off the excess oil extremely dries out the skin, worsening the condition.
-That frequent tendency to prick the ugly looking puss filled pimple, spreads them all over the face and leaves a blemish or scar too. Again, these blemishes or scars are not appreciable unlike the appearance of craters on moon.
-Hiding them with concealer or foundation does a bit, but that clear face has the untold radiance. Removing the make-up every day completely is mandatory, if undone or half-done on some tiresome days has surely worst in store.

    I did suffer because of pimples and know how one feels. They stayed for almost 3 years I had to struggle hard to get rid of them and in the process my skin has lost the luster. I tried all- from household remedies like gram-flour pack, sandalwood paste to many creams and cleansers which only dried my skin and let in few lines on my face.  I used to use Garnier Fructis-Long and Strong Shampoo and Conditioner which did wonders and heads turned to have a glimpse of my hair; and many in my college, from juniors to teachers enquired me about the secret for healthy, shiny hair. I felt so proud then. I wish Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash was available too. It is always necessary to choose the right product for our skin so that it does not adversely affect. Now this activity has definitely reminded me about how good the Garnier products are, and I have decided to go back to them and will even keep the Neem Face Wash handy as a precaution to keep those eruptions at bay. 

    A healthy confident face leads us to wherever we want. It is necessary to be beautiful, to not to take an advantage but to not to lose our worth. Beauty is skin deep and not to forget, as Keats said,'A thing of beauty is joy forever'. So, one should take care and be happy. 


  1. no cosmetic can hide the dmage dome by nasty pimples on a clear skin. I hate pimples. All the best!

    Nice post!