Saturday, January 31, 2015

Unbelievable- A journey with 'ands'

    We come across a very few people around us, whom we admire very much for their values and talent, in life. And I was lucky enough to have one such person around me. 
   She was a humble and very enthusiastic child. And one could see that sparkle in her eyes. Always,she won the village games we used to play. Never afraid of the bruises on her elbows and knees, she learnt cycling all by herself when she was 9. Joyous, she would ride it all around the place. In second standard she had learnt multiple tables up to 30 and had begun on 1/4 tables.Surprising right? Even I hadn't heard of this... 1/4 one ja 1/4,1/4 two ja 1/2,1/4 three ja 3/4,1/4 four ja 1 and so on...until then. Even when we moved from our village to the district place, she stood first in class(4th grade) in every test and exam. Once, after school hours, with that innocent smile she told that, the boy who was a topper until then,was crying in front of his parents and pointing towards her saying,"she is the one who comes first in class now!". 
     Soon after admission to our residentail school in 6th standard, teachers would  get a few involved in the school teams: Basketball team, singing team and into athletics. Though she won prizes for drawing, painiting and academics, she wasn't in the school teams I mentioned before. The innocent girl never hesitated to practice basket ball all by herself while rest of the school students, around 670, played or chatted in groups. Curiously every body would look at her as it was unusual to see someone playing all alone amidst the crowd. She didn't even notice that, as she used to be completely involved in the game. Soon she was taken into the dormitory basket-ball team. And then when in 9th standard she was invited to the school team. She used to try to sing and hum the film songs and soon learnt singing, as they say singing comes by practice. And while in 8th grade she had become a long distance runner and from then on  won many prizes,every year in the school's annual sports competitions. She learnt dancing and was selected for inter class and inter dormitory competitions, which used to take place regularly on festivals,teacher's day and on the eve of new year. She embroidered skillfully,swimmed swiftly and rode the horses confidently. Chess and Carom were her forte too. And in the final year she became chess champion at school. With that high score of  96.4% in her 10th standard board exams ,she again made us  proud of her. Thus she kept on adding 'And' to her skills list in 7 years of her life at the residential school and became an all-rounder. She was supposed to be awarded the 'Best Girl' in school in final year considering her talent and behaviour all teachers and 11th standard students, her juniors, argued with the principal of the school but he considered only academics and awarded the other girl who was first in class. My sister who was second, got awarded 'Best Residential Girl' which is next to best girl award. This was not the end to her achievements. She scored  90% in 12th standard(PCM-97% and PCB-95%) and got into  medicine through merit and completed her M.S. (Opthalmology) again through merit in a government college with a stipend.

More than all this, she was a very good human-being. She rose like a Phoenix in life, and set stupendous example to many.

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