Tuesday, March 31, 2015

E-Governance's Necessity For DigitalIndia

67 years of independence and still many villages in India are devoid of basic facilities like power, ample potable water. They don't have proper roads and not even schools. And, our government has taken a pledge of making India digitalized by 2019. When they could not be provided these basic facilities, will it be possible to give them access to modern technologies? How can it be done? Well, I say, through an effective governance.

India has an area of 32,87,590 sq.km and a population of 121,01,93,422. Governing it most effectively, considering its area as well as population, is truly a challenging task. We often hear stories of corruption and sluggish work at government offices. This obviously is delaying passing the tenders and completion of the developmental projects. So to fasten the processes and growth of the country and to make it digitalized, it is a must to digitalize the countries governance first. These astounding inventions of 21st century, the computers, are no doubt faster than humans beyond comparison in every calculation and processing and I don't think they demand money from the citizens for the work to be done too! The government's money sanctioned for the developmental projects or to reach the citizens will no more be engulfed by the corrupt officials. So there is a two way advantage of E-Governance, faster completion of projects along with reduced corruption, which together can surely accelerate the process of making India a rich and digitalized nation.

But, that has some challenges too. The computers used should be programmed well to meet the requirements efficiently. And for this a globally known name in the industry, Intel with its 'Digital skills For India' and 'Innovate For India' initiatives has joined hands with the government and that means we can hope for no failure in the process of making #DigitalIndia.

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Ariel-Matic Made It Worth!

While I blogged last time for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob, I had this constant feeling that I am very lucky as my husband is not one of those 76% men who, according to the survey by AK Nielsen, feel laundry is just a women's job. The survey also mentioned, 77% of men depend on women for doing the laundry. It is actually the other way at my home; I hate laundering and my husband has been doing the laundry since we married.  He collects all the clothes, bed-sheets, pillow covers and cushion covers on weekends and takes up the laundry. I only assist him a bit. He also helps me in spreading them for drying.

I actually feel clothes don't come out completely clean from our washing machine; I feel manual washing is better than the machine washing. In fact, I suggested my husband that we should soak the clothes before putting into machine. But he didn't agree as it is against the instructions for our machine wash. So, the moment I received the parcel, I was more excited than my husband as I actually wanted to test this product ; I don't like half done work and my husband doesn't want me to do the laundry manually.

As soon as I opened the parcel, I was pretty impressed by its fragrance. According to the information on the packet, it has the power of Bar + Brush + Blue + Germ Removal + Quick Rinse. It also read, it effectively removes tough stains like curry, chocolate, ink and milk tea based on technical tests and helps remove collar and cuff stains too. Oh! Great! Buckets of water, the machine takes in will not go wasted and laundering will go perfectly, this time, I thought. Then, I visited the site www.ariel.in too, to get more information on ariel and laundry tips; my main motto was to learn some tricks to do the laundering quickly and effectively. And trust me, I loved it. I found all the sections-laundry tips, make more time with laundry and beginners guide to laundry, very useful ; deciphering those confusing laundry symbols, help with removing stains were really informative.

Since winter has gone and summer has arrived, the blanket is to be packed and kept on the loft. So we thought of washing it. While the still skeptical me waited curiously, the blanket came out cleaner than the previous washes and smelled really good.  And now, I am happy and feeling that machine-washing is not a boring, unfruitful job that doesn't give desired results. My husband was quite impressed too.

I hope to actively involve in laundering in future, with the Ariel Matic. Silly me, every time I saw it in the departmental store, did not buy thinking it is much costlier. Just a spoonful of it does the job very effectively while many scoops of other detergents are nowhere near. This time doing the laundry was a completely different experience.

                       With Ariel Matic, anybody can do the laundry easily and effectively!


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Smart Phone For The Smart People

I never understood why people spend plenty on a mobile phone. Few costliest ones are even devoid of the basics required for daily life usage. And they say, it is their passion for gadgets that makes them spend so much. What more is to be expected from a phone! Good hardware and software and the looks with many applications, that's all! Spending thousands of rupees is just a waste when we get them at lower rates. One can't be cautious with his/her phone all the time and that surely ends up in a fall from the pocket on to the ground or into water damaging it completely or partially. And repairing them is so costlier that, one can get a new phone in those charges. Resale amount is also very less. And then there is a lot of panicking and later a realization that spending so much on a mobile is actually a no.

Recently, my first smart phone which I loved very much fell off when I got up from the chair and is badly damaged now. While I was regretting, the Motorola people came out with a cheaper mobile, MOTO-E in the market. Moreover it is from MOTOROLA, a brand recognized all over the world while mine was some.....company's and it is their new venture into gadgets.

MOTO-E apart from being cheaper has many attractive features with no compromise on quality.

Operating System(OS) - Android 5.0 (Lollipop) which is the latest

 Processor                   - 1.2 GHz quad core processor while make
                                    multitasking using different applications faster and easier.

Battery                        - 2390mah makes it really very long lasting                                                   

Storage                           - 8 GB Internal storage 32GB Expandable 

Connectivity                   - Wi-Fi and Bluetooth                                 

Camera                          -  5 Megapixel primary camera and 0.3 mp secondary camera. Sharing favorites is made easier with just three taps

Design and durability   - It is sturdy and handy with a Corning Gorilla glass and water repellent coating. Anti-smudge coating on the screen prevents finger prints marking.

Display                         - Quad High Definition screen allows crystal clear display of texts and images.

I call it the Smart phone for the smart people. It has good looks and all the features I look for and surely is not heavy on my pocket. 

Smartphone is a necessity these days, but not the only necessity in life. One has to be smart and save for other necessities too. And so I choose to be smart with the all new MOTO-E.

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For A Good Taste And Health

I am a foodie. I love indulging in savories and sweets. I love juices, shakes and salads. I relish the cuisine from northern to southern India, from Gujarat to West Bengal. Chinese and Italian cuisine is my favorite too.

I have tried many of these recipes at home, but all were not finger-licking good. In fact I spoiled few dishes entirely. Now, I seriously need a change as I am bored of the same old recipes I follow at home. What is the big deal in that, I can visit a restaurant nearby! If you are thinking so, you are wrong. I don't prefer to go to restaurants often as I am health conscious and prefer some healthy food with less oil most of the time. So I thought why not go to the Kellogg's Wale Guptaji's family.

It is not just me, everybody in the neighborhood wants to go to their house. Mrs.Gupta prepares delicious, innovative breakfast recipes. She is damn good at preparing sweets, savories, shakes, salads and so on. Moreover, her recipes are very healthy as she uses Kellogg's Corn Flakes, All Bran Wheat Flakes and Oats in her innovative breakfast recipes. I used to have Kellogg's Corn flakes with milk but got bored after sometime. I am sure I am going to fall in love once again with those, after having breakfast at Guptaji's place.

I think, I will have to frequent Guptaji's place to have all the mouthwatering breakfasts that are prepared by Mrs.Gupta. I love to have salads with the meals in afternoon and at night. But, Mrs.Gupta's salads seem to be exceptionally tasty and healthier than the plane salads which I don't prefer for breakfast at home, for their tastelessness. They are a healthy and tasty mix of corn flakes, oats, fruits, vegetables and spices. And there is Kellogg's Oats Hariyali Dosa. Dosa with little oil is always considered healthy but Mrs.Gupta's twist to it with some oats, spinach, mung and curry leaves makes it healthier and yummy. And the Kellogg's Oats Veggie Nutri Cutlets are again a blend of healthy ingredients and a little bit of spices for the great taste. These are a few to name, there are over a hundred such newer recipes invented by Mrs.Gupta.

The cereals Mrs.Gupta uses are a must have for the breakfast as they reduce  BMI by reducing weight, and are rich in Vitamins (Especially vitamin B) and minerals like Iron. The soluble fibers in Oats are also known to reduce the risk of developing type-2 Diabetes. So these innovations by Mrs.Gupta will surely help many like me, who doesn't want to make a compromise; I want both healthy and tasty food.

Now, when you know why I want to go to Kellogg's Wale Guptaji's House for nashta, you badly want to go too. Do visit them for your own benefit.

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A to Z Blogging Challenge Theme Reveal

Hey everybody taking part in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge, I am here for the first time. And I am very excited about it. I came across this challenge last year while, being a newbie, I was trying to explore the blogosphere. I had created my first blog on 2nd April and hence missed the chance. Since then I have been waiting for this time to come. 

I am not that great in writing and my vocabulary isn't that great too. I know you can easily make out that here. I enjoyed  and learnt from many of the posts last year and looking for the same this time too. My theme for  the challenge is, 'Stories'. My stories would be of all kind...few intriguing and a few plane. I wish not to disappoint my blogger friends here, and I hope to survive the challenge.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Search For Happiness

One needs no reason to be happy, one has to find happiness within they say; however hard I try to find it within, I seldom succeed. Even when I see someone with that happy disposition, I just wonder. Just being happy, always, is something which I don't understand at all.  And I know many people appreciate this. May be it means taking life as it comes, expecting not much and loving every task at hand and being contented with whatever we have. We all are those imperfect and materialistic human beings and seek happiness outside. 

Sometimes, while I try to find happiness in something or the other, from nowhere comes the sadness and prevents me from reaching out for it. And sometimes I worry, if I don't have access to things I like, what will I do? Perhaps, be sad? No, who likes to be sad! I should change. I should learn to find it within, soon. So that I am happy forever and ever, no matter what. But, it is not an easy task! I hope to succeed on one day very soon.

You may become surprised if I say, Summer is my favorite season and brings all the happiness with it. Since childhood Summer meant being free, all play and no work. Summer meant being with family and friends. My liking for summer hasn't faded away till date. love the clear sky and bright sunny days in Summer more than in any other season. The sky with dark clouds evokes some unknown feeling of insecurity and sadness within. I love the breeze more in Summer than in rainy season or winter. I enjoy the mango showers more than the downpour in rainy season. I love ice-creams, juices and cold drinks in all seasons but having them in Summer is the greatest pleasure. I enjoy them especially while watching TV in the evening.

love watching the night sky filled with infinite number of stars; while gazing at them, my worries and stress dilute in the never ending stretch of the dark sky and I feel relieved and happy. I love to peep through the windows and watch the birds fly. I find happiness in seeing the life around through my balcony, in the evenings. Those memories of my past, my childhood, make me happy too. I cherish them more than anything else.
Though materialistic, our equations differ. There are certain things with which my happiness is associated. Happiness to me is surfing the web, watching light-hearted shows on TV and eating delicious food. Like all the ladies in the world, I find happiness in shopping clothes and jewelry; grooming and decorating my house. The list is unending. And now, I am finding it in blogging...blogging for happy hours and winning the happy hour vouchers.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Happiness And Strength

Studying in one of the best schools had many advantages but being away from family was truly disheartening. We had no choice either, as education was given primary importance at home. So I had to spend 8 long years away from home.

A strict discipline was followed at my school. All the parents were allowed to meet their children only on second Sunday of every month. My school was far from my native so my mother could make it only on alternate second Sundays. Few girls' parents used to come every second Sunday as they stayed nearby and it was easier for them. Few even though far, would visit because their daughters insisted them to. Neither I told my mother how bad I felt nor did I throw tantrums for not coming on every second Sunday. Even when my younger sisters got admission they too never talked about this. But whenever my mother came, we would be happy for days. And it would fade away along with those memories, slowly as the days passed. Yes, those memories of how we all spent the day would linger in mind for few following days. I would look at the places where we had sat. I wouldn't even dare to rearrange the things in my trunk...I would let them be where they were...keep them back in places...as arranged by my mother or elder sister. And it used to give me a feeling of having them nearby.

When I was in 10th standard, one of my younger sisters got shortlisted for the interview after the entrance exam to my school. No later than we, me and my other sister had joined school, she had to appear for the interview. So, my mother came along with her. Interview results were displayed on the notice board the very same evening. So we knew she was coming back again for the admission, two weeks later. I did very well in my first monthly test and stood second in class with 91%. This was my best performance years later. And it was all because I was very happy and studied well. This is not just me even my friend used to tell that she could easily comprehend the subjects when on vacation at home. This is probably because we feel secured and have no constant feeling that we are missing something in life and the peaceful mind is able to concentrate completely.

The attention, the care we get from our family makes us feel secured. Family definitely has a hand in the success of people; sometimes it is their care and attention, sometimes it is just being near them and sometimes their problems that we want to end, compel us to perform well in life. All the happiness in the world lies in being together with the loved ones. They are our pillars of strength.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

The 8 year old who inspires me

I too, like all others, have few stories to tell and a few of them, I feel, are definitely inspiring. I have already told a few on my blog. And it is now time to tell a few more of the kind.

She was barely 8 years old and had lot of dreams. Dreams of getting into the prestigious school and then earning a lot of accolades and becoming very successful. That dream was not just hers, her mother's too. To get admission into that prestigious girls' school, which is considered to be equivalent to the Sainik school for boys, one had to pass the entrance exam. And after that there would be an interview and then the final selection. She knew all this, but didn't know about the very good coaching class her friend mentioned. Her friend's cousin happened to be the student of the school and had got selected through the coaching class. The girl talked about this with her mother and was told to ask her dad. She used to wait till late night, while all her siblings were sleeping, till her father arrived from the farms to convince him. Initially he didn't agree...he told her not to take much pain and he would get her admitted through donations. The girl kept on insisting her father every day that she wants to go. So finally, her father agreed for her sake.

She went to the other town to take coaching. On the first day of the classes she was very happy and excited. But it soon vanished on the very next day morning on not finding her mother around. She panicked for not listening to her father. She always felt like going back and studying at the local classes, but her dream and the fact that her parents had already spent money made her stay. The weeping continued throughout the year. But she didn't tell how bad she felt to anybody, not even her parents. It was worth that, and she got admission through merit.

Of lately, I often become very disturbed without any aspirations. I doubt my ability. I look back and that small girl, her life stories i.e., my childhood stories, inspire me and make me feel I can again be the same girl, with that enthusiasm, and can achieve whatever I want; she still resides in me.

It is strange that as we grow up, we become pessimists and start losing interest in almost everything, and life becomes boring. I get some of the enthusiasm and become as lively as the younger me, whenever I look back.  I know everybody has such intriguing, inspiring stories. This is one of those stories of mine which make me look around with optimism. Recollect yours and get inspired.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015


               Those were the days when I was in hostel while pursuing my graduation. I was very friendly with almost all of my batch mates. I would roam around in the hostel, to their  rooms...giggling, chatting. They were good with me too. But I always had a feeling that not all of them truly considered me a friend. They were nice off-course, but I could sense few were simply with me for they needed me for some reason.
          When in third year of graduation, our annual theory exams had got over and we all had to prepare for our practical exams. We used to visit hospitals for perfecting our skills of examining the patients and diagnosing. So, we all left from the hostel to our institute's hospital and our instructor was demonstrating the various methods of finding the signs of the disease in the patients admitted, later we were supposed to visit few more hospitals, a group of them left from the place without informing the three of us, me and my other two batch-mates. They had gone to the civil hospital to learn to examine more patients with different diseases. When we looked around, we understood that they didn't want us to go with them and so had slowly vacated the place one by one. We all really felt bad, but one of my friends even after repeatedly insisting that we all should be by ourselves from then on wards, said that we should be with them to learn,no matter what. So we all three took the bus to the civil hospital. We saw them coming out as soon as we reached there. Looking at their faces I felt very awkward and stood uneasily beside the chairs at the entrance. My other friend sat on the waiting chair at the entrance beside one of the other girls and tried to enquire what all patients they had examined, but without responding properly she moved with the others who didn't even look at us. Then my other friend too understood the situation completely and we all three unanimously decided that we all will be by ourselves then onwards.
         They behaved in a friendly manner, nicknamed me 'a little girl' spent time merrily but they were no true friends. The retrospective me after taking a keen look at my past stopped talking to them. They tried many a times, but I kept mum and tried to be indifferent  whenever they came face to face in the hostel corridor or in college. Later I forgave them for what they had done, but kept them at arms length. I knew, again they would misuse me for their own benefits as I did not know to say 'no'  many a times, to anything they said. 
          I had sobered down as I felt I had to leave my childishness behind, and be more responsible. Thus a new beginning of my life started. We all three did very well in our practical exams, in fact much better than them. Sad, but two of them from the other group, the ones who took initiative of such a heinous move failed in the practical exams of those particular subjects. The new me was more concerned about my studies and myself. 


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Monday, March 09, 2015

A Tooth's Request

Be gentle,please. And mind you, use the proper method and you need not clean me more than twice a day, else I will ware-off. Don't press the brush too hard; after all they are soft deposits, you unnecessarily waste that much energy. Move it upside down not side-wards. If you do so, you will ware me off along the gum line. And tell your children to move it circularly on me as it is an easier technique for them. This is the request our dear tooth is making. Poor tooth! He has to deal with so much!Acid attacks by microbes on one side and the vigorous brushing on the other side. And brushing twice a day is more than enough. I don't know why few people brush frequently. Just rinse your mouth thoroughly after lunch and tea, don't brush after every time you munch something.

                                             Follow these rules to keep toothy happy. :)

Friday, March 06, 2015

Cheapest Bleach, Facial and Hair Conditioning!

Yes! You heard me right! This is what I have been doing ;I get bleach, facial and hair conditioning at this rate.Those bleaches and facials at a beauty  saloon are least effective, apart from being costlier. If the results were awesome, I wouldn't mind spending lavishly. So when I didn't get the desired results, at some point I tried this . This gives me the glow which even the costliest facials at a saloon didn't do for me. So, now I don't spend even a penny at the parlours and  I have cut down the usage of cosmetics at home too, as I feel it is not at all a necessary now.

This is really wonderful,easiest,less time consuming apart from being the cheapest! You don't need much massage techniques for this either, gentle circular movements with finger tips are  best desired. And all you need is 10-20 minutes of time. You can see the results  within few seconds of applying it. Be careful with the movements, they should be very gentle and superficial else, it will be ineffective or you may even  turn darker. Even the duration shouldn't last long as it extremely dries out the skin.  Make sure that you apply it on a clean skin and don't forget to wash face with a mild face wash or soap after massage too, else you will get acne and pimples. So all one needs to do  is, to keep the technique, time and cleanliness in mind to have the marvellous results which aren't yielded by the herbal, silver, gold,diamond and so on facials.

And for conditioning hair, apply oil and then apply it to the scalp and hair thoroughly. Then, rinse your hair with a mild shampoo. This...definitely softens the hair along with removing dandruff completely. Trust me, it  made my hair more softer than any conditioner did.


Oh!Did I forget to tell what it is? Sorry, here I say, it is a bowl of curds. Yes, you heard me right! The store bought curd does wonders as it is prepared from processed milk and so has less fat and  doesn't make skin  oily and darker.  Not only does curds, with its high calcium content and probiotics, has health benefits but also beauty benefits. Whenever I buy curds from the store, I keep aside a bowl full of  it for my bleach cum facial and hair conditioning. Do give it a try this cheapest facial,bleaching and hair-conditioning at home without fail and let me know the results.