Monday, March 09, 2015

A Tooth's Request

Be gentle,please. And mind you, use the proper method and you need not clean me more than twice a day, else I will ware-off. Don't press the brush too hard; after all they are soft deposits, you unnecessarily waste that much energy. Move it upside down not side-wards. If you do so, you will ware me off along the gum line. And tell your children to move it circularly on me as it is an easier technique for them. This is the request our dear tooth is making. Poor tooth! He has to deal with so much!Acid attacks by microbes on one side and the vigorous brushing on the other side. And brushing twice a day is more than enough. I don't know why few people brush frequently. Just rinse your mouth thoroughly after lunch and tea, don't brush after every time you munch something.

                                             Follow these rules to keep toothy happy. :)

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