Thursday, March 19, 2015

Happiness And Strength

Studying in one of the best schools had many advantages but being away from family was truly disheartening. We had no choice either, as education was given primary importance at home. So I had to spend 8 long years away from home.

A strict discipline was followed at my school. All the parents were allowed to meet their children only on second Sunday of every month. My school was far from my native so my mother could make it only on alternate second Sundays. Few girls' parents used to come every second Sunday as they stayed nearby and it was easier for them. Few even though far, would visit because their daughters insisted them to. Neither I told my mother how bad I felt nor did I throw tantrums for not coming on every second Sunday. Even when my younger sisters got admission they too never talked about this. But whenever my mother came, we would be happy for days. And it would fade away along with those memories, slowly as the days passed. Yes, those memories of how we all spent the day would linger in mind for few following days. I would look at the places where we had sat. I wouldn't even dare to rearrange the things in my trunk...I would let them be where they were...keep them back in arranged by my mother or elder sister. And it used to give me a feeling of having them nearby.

When I was in 10th standard, one of my younger sisters got shortlisted for the interview after the entrance exam to my school. No later than we, me and my other sister had joined school, she had to appear for the interview. So, my mother came along with her. Interview results were displayed on the notice board the very same evening. So we knew she was coming back again for the admission, two weeks later. I did very well in my first monthly test and stood second in class with 91%. This was my best performance years later. And it was all because I was very happy and studied well. This is not just me even my friend used to tell that she could easily comprehend the subjects when on vacation at home. This is probably because we feel secured and have no constant feeling that we are missing something in life and the peaceful mind is able to concentrate completely.

The attention, the care we get from our family makes us feel secured. Family definitely has a hand in the success of people; sometimes it is their care and attention, sometimes it is just being near them and sometimes their problems that we want to end, compel us to perform well in life. All the happiness in the world lies in being together with the loved ones. They are our pillars of strength.

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