Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Search For Happiness

One needs no reason to be happy, one has to find happiness within they say; however hard I try to find it within, I seldom succeed. Even when I see someone with that happy disposition, I just wonder. Just being happy, always, is something which I don't understand at all.  And I know many people appreciate this. May be it means taking life as it comes, expecting not much and loving every task at hand and being contented with whatever we have. We all are those imperfect and materialistic human beings and seek happiness outside. 

Sometimes, while I try to find happiness in something or the other, from nowhere comes the sadness and prevents me from reaching out for it. And sometimes I worry, if I don't have access to things I like, what will I do? Perhaps, be sad? No, who likes to be sad! I should change. I should learn to find it within, soon. So that I am happy forever and ever, no matter what. But, it is not an easy task! I hope to succeed on one day very soon.

You may become surprised if I say, Summer is my favorite season and brings all the happiness with it. Since childhood Summer meant being free, all play and no work. Summer meant being with family and friends. My liking for summer hasn't faded away till date. love the clear sky and bright sunny days in Summer more than in any other season. The sky with dark clouds evokes some unknown feeling of insecurity and sadness within. I love the breeze more in Summer than in rainy season or winter. I enjoy the mango showers more than the downpour in rainy season. I love ice-creams, juices and cold drinks in all seasons but having them in Summer is the greatest pleasure. I enjoy them especially while watching TV in the evening.

love watching the night sky filled with infinite number of stars; while gazing at them, my worries and stress dilute in the never ending stretch of the dark sky and I feel relieved and happy. I love to peep through the windows and watch the birds fly. I find happiness in seeing the life around through my balcony, in the evenings. Those memories of my past, my childhood, make me happy too. I cherish them more than anything else.
Though materialistic, our equations differ. There are certain things with which my happiness is associated. Happiness to me is surfing the web, watching light-hearted shows on TV and eating delicious food. Like all the ladies in the world, I find happiness in shopping clothes and jewelry; grooming and decorating my house. The list is unending. And now, I am finding it in blogging...blogging for happy hours and winning the happy hour vouchers.

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