Saturday, March 14, 2015

The 8 year old who inspires me

I too, like all others, have few stories to tell and a few of them, I feel, are definitely inspiring. I have already told a few on my blog. And it is now time to tell a few more of the kind.

She was barely 8 years old and had lot of dreams. Dreams of getting into the prestigious school and then earning a lot of accolades and becoming very successful. That dream was not just hers, her mother's too. To get admission into that prestigious girls' school, which is considered to be equivalent to the Sainik school for boys, one had to pass the entrance exam. And after that there would be an interview and then the final selection. She knew all this, but didn't know about the very good coaching class her friend mentioned. Her friend's cousin happened to be the student of the school and had got selected through the coaching class. The girl talked about this with her mother and was told to ask her dad. She used to wait till late night, while all her siblings were sleeping, till her father arrived from the farms to convince him. Initially he didn't agree...he told her not to take much pain and he would get her admitted through donations. The girl kept on insisting her father every day that she wants to go. So finally, her father agreed for her sake.

She went to the other town to take coaching. On the first day of the classes she was very happy and excited. But it soon vanished on the very next day morning on not finding her mother around. She panicked for not listening to her father. She always felt like going back and studying at the local classes, but her dream and the fact that her parents had already spent money made her stay. The weeping continued throughout the year. But she didn't tell how bad she felt to anybody, not even her parents. It was worth that, and she got admission through merit.

Of lately, I often become very disturbed without any aspirations. I doubt my ability. I look back and that small girl, her life stories i.e., my childhood stories, inspire me and make me feel I can again be the same girl, with that enthusiasm, and can achieve whatever I want; she still resides in me.

It is strange that as we grow up, we become pessimists and start losing interest in almost everything, and life becomes boring. I get some of the enthusiasm and become as lively as the younger me, whenever I look back.  I know everybody has such intriguing, inspiring stories. This is one of those stories of mine which make me look around with optimism. Recollect yours and get inspired.

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