Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Earth Is Calling- Why Aren't We Listening?

"Trees bring rain; Trees check the CO2 level in the atmosphere and hence reduce global warming and keep the surroundings cool; Planting trees is thus very essential." This...we have read it in our texts in the very early days of schooling. So, now I can say even a primary school child knows the importance of trees. It is there in every bodies heads, but has not come into action yet! How many of us have planted trees so far! Why is it so? Have we become so busy in our lives that we don't have time to do these simple things for ourselves and the rest of the society? It is a high time that we do something for the Mother Nature. It is our duty to protect her. Why not begin this today?

Planting trees is not just enough! Using papers, tissues sensibly and recycling the used papers is very essential, else it will be like planting one tree and being the reason to cut the other. Then, what good will be done overall?

Water is 'The Real Elixir' for the mankind. So one should think twice before wasting even a drop of it. While  public transportation saves a lot of pocket money, it also keeps the air we breathe in cleaner. The stress in driving overcrowded roads can also be avoided by using public transportation many a times.

Reducing the usage of non biodegradable plastics and switching to biodegradable ones is beneficial to our soil. I can say, by my own experience that it keeps our homes clutter free! I mean, no more piles of unwanted plastics at home!

Like I said, we all know these but we don't implement. How can we be so selfish or irresponsible!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Learning To Celebrate Life Every Day...

Celebrating life every day is one of the toughest tasks for all of us. Do you remember, we celebrated life every day in our childhoods? It was naturally in us. Alas! We forgot being happy and celebrating life as we grew up. What might be the reason? Probably, the pressures of life-those which are built by ourselves or the society and competitive world, robbed our enthusiasm and liveliness insidiously as we grew up and here we are, the lost souls; lost in the meaningless life, a life without joy, we are leading.

While in my search for happiness I realized that one has many reasons to be happy, and to celebrate life every day. One should celebrate life with the beautiful Nature every day; the sunrise, the sun set, chirping of birds, fluttering leaves and their greenery. A look at life around every day as if it is new to us, all admiring and beckoning, leads to celebrations every day.

When I enter kitchen, I see the varieties of edibles we are given by Nature and smile. Those spices with different aromas and taste, those colorful pulses and vegetables, those fruits and dishes all make me happy. I think of how the mouthwatering cooking must have evolved all these years and smile. Relishing the tasty food, I celebrate life daily.

When I am out in a market, I look at the fresh vegetables I feel like jumping with joy. Those vendors, their other customers, and those people on street-the crowd with their very own ways of behavior and looks, make me wonder about the creativity of Nature and I smile. Sometimes, I think about all the creatures that Nature has given life and shelter to, and just smile and smile.

Those twinkling stars at night and the radiating moon broaden my mind with happiness and positivity.

Those light hearted serials fill me with positivity. Window shopping, online keeps me happy. When there is no power, I just wonder about these mesmerizing creations of man!

I love to decorate my house. Those beautiful walls, those beautiful artifacts keep my spirits high. Having a good beautiful house compels one to celebrate life every day too.

Above all this, the hope that I will have all those things I want in life makes me celebrate life every day. Then I think pessimistically, if at all I don't have them what am I going to do? Then, I realize again! I have many more reasons to be happy and celebrate life. And that is 'Life' itself.

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Monday, April 20, 2015


I struggle hard daily; every minute and second to be me and to make my life better. Looking after myself, my necessities seems a great task; in short my life is all about myself, there is hardly any space or thought of the others. So, while I see the people who render selfless service to the society, I wonder... and...wonder. I wonder about their will, their selflessness.

Here is a man who lives in a hut in, Jorhat- Assam, who has grown a 1360 acres of forest! What an unbelievable achievement! I never even thought someone like him exists on this planet. We all have heard about a very few people who plant a few hundreds of trees every year on environmental day, but not someone like him, isn't it?

Padmashri Jadav Molai Payeng belongs to a tribe called 'Mishing'. When 16 years old he came across several snakes which died because of excessive heat when thrown on treeless sandbar due to floods. Then began his journey of planting trees, with plantation of 20 bamboo seedlings. He also took part in a Governments Scheme of planting trees over 200 hectares of land. When the project was over, other workers left but he still continued. And this led to growing the 1360 acres of forest, in 30 years, named after him as "MOLAI FOREST". Now it harbors the Bengal tigers, Indian rhinoceros, deer,apes, rabbits and many varieties of birds; he created shelter for so many animals while he added some beauty to the landscape. 

If I get honored, ever in future, for my personal achievements, I would be more puzzled than happy; I feel so whenever I see such people being honored. I feel personal achievements are praise worthy for the strong will one has to achieve them, but not worthy of being honored as it is something which one does for his or her sake. They set an example and inspire many others to persevere and thus help indirectly but that is only secondary effect. And hence, I feel selfless people with a will of steel like, Jadav Payeng need to be honored without a doubt. 30 years of such an unwavering will is truly commendable. There are many achievers like him listed in JSW Will Of  Steel, but he stands tall. Please do think about it and vote for- The  Forest Man Of India. Serving the nature and society to make it beautiful for all of us to live is the greatest service one can do.

P.S: Information procured from, Wikipedia.

I'm voting for Jaday Payeng's  #WillOfSteel and blogging on BlogAdda to help him/her get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Children Of The Ganga Need You.

Setting up new schools and increasing the number of teachers is not enough to eliminate illiteracy from India. Children these days get mid-day meals at many government and government aided schools in India, but the school drop-out rate hasn't reduced significantly. Children find class room learning very boring, all that is there in their nascent mind is exploring the surroundings and playing. Even when in class they don't pay attention to what is being taught in the schools. They are either looking out through windows or are drowsing. This is obviously because of lack of interest and so, to eliminate illiteracy the methods of imparting education must be changed.

Illiteracy is often associated with crime as the saying goes, "Empty mind is a devils workshop". To get the active minds of children into creativity and make every Indian a better person and thus India a better place to live in, illiteracy has to be eliminated by making learning interesting.

The cultural hub of India, Varanasi has such a unique school for the children. The school is not within the confinement of four walls of bricks and mortar, but it is a floating school; a school on the boat. I know, many haven't heard about it; even I was unaware of it until now. It was discovered during the journey of doing right. In the video, we see the children who are mostly under privileged. As shown and also told by one of the students there, it has mostly the children who don't go to schools and wander in the streets. And, look at them! They are writing, drawing, so beautifully. And in fact bold enough to speak in front of the camera. The children of Ganga have so much potential!

 If given a little more exposure to the modern world of learning, they are sure to reach heights in future. All they need is a mere 90,000 rupees for the magical transformation  of the boat school while they are capable of returning much more to the society and India in the coming years. So far, 24,000 rupees have been collected from many donors and now it is your turn to do your bit towards building the future of India. A day's salary or even an hours earning mean a lot towards the contribution. This year don't think of throwing a party on your b'day or anniversary, instead donate here to nurture these budding talents, and share it to spread the awareness, and to encourage others for the same. 

Friday, April 03, 2015


Sana constantly gazed out through the windows of her moving taxi. Being born in an affluent family seemed to be a curse to her now; if she was born in a middle-class family she wouldn't get married to this money minded person. She felt so much of pain within, neither she could cry nor she could speak out. As the taxi  slowed down while to take a turn, she saw an old lady in rags picking food from the garbage and devouring.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Beware! You Are Not Alone!

Every time the breeze touches her face she feels revived. Her balcony has been her favorite abode after dinner for she loves watching the glimmering moon and twinkling stars. She is so happy she moved to this house; it is small but tidy with ample ventilation and light.

As soon as she enters her room to get into bed, her phone rings. "Hello... this...", before she proceeds...a coarse voice on the other side, "Miss. Stacey, beware you are not alone at home.  It is not as beautiful as it appears. There is a lot you can't see. Just beware" Before she mutters anything trembling...the phone is hung-up. She is a brave young lady in her early twenties; she is not afraid of the bad men around, she has the courage to face them. But, she feels, not brave enough to face the ghosts; the mere thought of their appearance makes her shiver.

She keeps the lights at home on, all night. Determined not to sleep, she sits idle looking around in the hall. She feels some shadows behind and beside her...all the horror scenes from movies seem to repeat at home. Tired, she at last sleeps around six am, when the sun has risen.

When she gets up, she remembers how horrible the last night was, but now the house seems to completely normal with no such eeriness, never had she felt this since she moved here. However, she is afraid to spend the night that day. She thought and badly wished it to be a prank, but such words at night could not be taken coolly even after trying hard.

While she is at the park in the evening, a familiar face jogging smiles at her, "Is everything alright Miss. Stacey?"
"Yeah...Yeah...I am alright", she says forcing a smile on her face too.
"Don't worry Miss. Stacey every house has those invisible ones...those microorganisms are all pervasive, one has to be careful enough to be not attacked by them", chuckling he says and runs back to the track.

Her new neighbor, the crazy old retired Microbiologist, Mr. McGregor was the prankster. She doesn't understand how to react to this bad joke. She just looks at him in surprise as he leaves.
Stacey who was reluctant to stay there, is now all determined to face her fearful thoughts and moves back to her abode to conquer them.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015


'World is a stage and we all are actors.', Sara reads to her 8 year old son, Jack.
'If so, who is watching us then?', little Jack asks curiously.
'Definitely we all are; we are actors of some plays and audience of many others. But we  make only a part of the audience, the rest are the directors who stay outside this world watching from far.'
Before she proceeds to read further comes the unexpected from Jack,'Why do they create such stories! It is so painful living such characters! Why can't they write and direct all happy, light hearted stories?'
Pondering for sometime as she had never thought of it,'Well son, they want entertainment, just like we do. We watch a thriller movie because it arouses that curiosity. We watch comedy, we watch horror stories, we watch tragedy though we hate them in real life and so do they.'
What kind of entertainment is watching soppy movies/ shows? It is all so complicated to understand, she says to herself while Jack is deeply engrossed, thinking about what was told to him.