Thursday, April 02, 2015

Beware! You Are Not Alone!

Every time the breeze touches her face she feels revived. Her balcony has been her favorite abode after dinner for she loves watching the glimmering moon and twinkling stars. She is so happy she moved to this house; it is small but tidy with ample ventilation and light.

As soon as she enters her room to get into bed, her phone rings. "Hello... this...", before she proceeds...a coarse voice on the other side, "Miss. Stacey, beware you are not alone at home.  It is not as beautiful as it appears. There is a lot you can't see. Just beware" Before she mutters anything trembling...the phone is hung-up. She is a brave young lady in her early twenties; she is not afraid of the bad men around, she has the courage to face them. But, she feels, not brave enough to face the ghosts; the mere thought of their appearance makes her shiver.

She keeps the lights at home on, all night. Determined not to sleep, she sits idle looking around in the hall. She feels some shadows behind and beside her...all the horror scenes from movies seem to repeat at home. Tired, she at last sleeps around six am, when the sun has risen.

When she gets up, she remembers how horrible the last night was, but now the house seems to completely normal with no such eeriness, never had she felt this since she moved here. However, she is afraid to spend the night that day. She thought and badly wished it to be a prank, but such words at night could not be taken coolly even after trying hard.

While she is at the park in the evening, a familiar face jogging smiles at her, "Is everything alright Miss. Stacey?"
"Yeah...Yeah...I am alright", she says forcing a smile on her face too.
"Don't worry Miss. Stacey every house has those invisible ones...those microorganisms are all pervasive, one has to be careful enough to be not attacked by them", chuckling he says and runs back to the track.

Her new neighbor, the crazy old retired Microbiologist, Mr. McGregor was the prankster. She doesn't understand how to react to this bad joke. She just looks at him in surprise as he leaves.
Stacey who was reluctant to stay there, is now all determined to face her fearful thoughts and moves back to her abode to conquer them.


  1. I really hope it's not bigger than microbes... Chilling tale and the picture is really scary :)

    1. Don't worry, Rjalakshmi...It is not. :)

  2. I know how to react. Go over to his house and punch him in the face.

  3. The picture is a bit creepy! But I'm glad she made the right decision in the end.

    1. Really it is! I had to remove it as I felt like closing my eyes every time I visited my dashboard or blog.:)