Friday, April 10, 2015

Children Of The Ganga Need You.

Setting up new schools and increasing the number of teachers is not enough to eliminate illiteracy from India. Children these days get mid-day meals at many government and government aided schools in India, but the school drop-out rate hasn't reduced significantly. Children find class room learning very boring, all that is there in their nascent mind is exploring the surroundings and playing. Even when in class they don't pay attention to what is being taught in the schools. They are either looking out through windows or are drowsing. This is obviously because of lack of interest and so, to eliminate illiteracy the methods of imparting education must be changed.

Illiteracy is often associated with crime as the saying goes, "Empty mind is a devils workshop". To get the active minds of children into creativity and make every Indian a better person and thus India a better place to live in, illiteracy has to be eliminated by making learning interesting.

The cultural hub of India, Varanasi has such a unique school for the children. The school is not within the confinement of four walls of bricks and mortar, but it is a floating school; a school on the boat. I know, many haven't heard about it; even I was unaware of it until now. It was discovered during the journey of doing right. In the video, we see the children who are mostly under privileged. As shown and also told by one of the students there, it has mostly the children who don't go to schools and wander in the streets. And, look at them! They are writing, drawing, so beautifully. And in fact bold enough to speak in front of the camera. The children of Ganga have so much potential!

 If given a little more exposure to the modern world of learning, they are sure to reach heights in future. All they need is a mere 90,000 rupees for the magical transformation  of the boat school while they are capable of returning much more to the society and India in the coming years. So far, 24,000 rupees have been collected from many donors and now it is your turn to do your bit towards building the future of India. A day's salary or even an hours earning mean a lot towards the contribution. This year don't think of throwing a party on your b'day or anniversary, instead donate here to nurture these budding talents, and share it to spread the awareness, and to encourage others for the same. 


  1. I am unfamiliar Anu Pat with the situation in India (apart from what I have sen in documentaries and TED Talks), but this is a worldwide crisis - schools today no longer fit our culture, our social structure and the needs of children - and our future economies. The entire system needs to be re-thought and re-structured - from the bricks and mortar to the roles of the educators, schedules and curriculum.

    For seven years, I was involved in an awesome educational project in Australia - YALP - the YACHAD Accelerated Learning Project. We worked with under-achieving youth to improve their literacy and numeracy using innovative approaches brought from Israel.

    Thank you for bringing attention to a major serious problem. HUGS <3

  2. Such a great job, Judy! Hugs to you too :)