Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Learning To Celebrate Life Every Day...

Celebrating life every day is one of the toughest tasks for all of us. Do you remember, we celebrated life every day in our childhoods? It was naturally in us. Alas! We forgot being happy and celebrating life as we grew up. What might be the reason? Probably, the pressures of life-those which are built by ourselves or the society and competitive world, robbed our enthusiasm and liveliness insidiously as we grew up and here we are, the lost souls; lost in the meaningless life, a life without joy, we are leading.

While in my search for happiness I realized that one has many reasons to be happy, and to celebrate life every day. One should celebrate life with the beautiful Nature every day; the sunrise, the sun set, chirping of birds, fluttering leaves and their greenery. A look at life around every day as if it is new to us, all admiring and beckoning, leads to celebrations every day.

When I enter kitchen, I see the varieties of edibles we are given by Nature and smile. Those spices with different aromas and taste, those colorful pulses and vegetables, those fruits and dishes all make me happy. I think of how the mouthwatering cooking must have evolved all these years and smile. Relishing the tasty food, I celebrate life daily.

When I am out in a market, I look at the fresh vegetables I feel like jumping with joy. Those vendors, their other customers, and those people on street-the crowd with their very own ways of behavior and looks, make me wonder about the creativity of Nature and I smile. Sometimes, I think about all the creatures that Nature has given life and shelter to, and just smile and smile.

Those twinkling stars at night and the radiating moon broaden my mind with happiness and positivity.

Those light hearted serials fill me with positivity. Window shopping, online keeps me happy. When there is no power, I just wonder about these mesmerizing creations of man!

I love to decorate my house. Those beautiful walls, those beautiful artifacts keep my spirits high. Having a good beautiful house compels one to celebrate life every day too.

Above all this, the hope that I will have all those things I want in life makes me celebrate life every day. Then I think pessimistically, if at all I don't have them what am I going to do? Then, I realize again! I have many more reasons to be happy and celebrate life. And that is 'Life' itself.

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  1. Being with Nature is a beautiful way to celebrate life, it won't disappoint us ever.

    Great write-up. Best of luck!

  2. nature's bounty keep us alive and kicking! nice post!

  3. nature's bounty keep us alive and kicking! nice post!