Thursday, May 07, 2015


What is he up to?! Gosh! Something big is going to happen! What he is hinting to, in all the videos, is really ambiguous.

Kapil Dev! The legend who led the Indian team to victory in 1983 world cup is up to something bigger. He created history by getting our Nation, its first ever Cricket World Cup. When he says he will bring in a new league it really means something which is going to stir the Nation's enthusiasm once again! 

He says, in one of the videos, a star never retires. In the other he mentions how proud he feels about Indian women players. And the other one shows him talking about sportsmen all over the world who earn much higher than Indian sportsmen and those days they never made money and played only for the country and how happy he feels now seeing Yuvraj Singh getting 16 crores for IPL.  
Like in all the videos at the end, in the last video he conveys the message to Kapil Sharma of Comedy Circus with Kapil that, in his league, to win, one has to play the game with mind not heart. 

By some permutation and combination of his words I could make out few possibilities of his new league: 

1) Probably, it teams up all the retired and present day cricketers of India and makes them play cricket against each other; a cricket of different kind, a cricket where the usual rules of cricket are blended with some mind games. Or, may be there are some other twists.

2) It probably has the women cricketers too involved in the league.

3) It may probably involve the sportsmen of all fields, both retired and present day players, to play cricket and all other games.

4) It may team up many celebrities-cricketers, actors and other sportsmen to play cricket. It will really be different kind of cricket. Don't you think?

5) The teams led by celebrities may have to contest against each other in cricket along with mind games or general knowledge quizzes. 

6) May be it is mixture of all or few of the guesses I made. 
Sounds interesting, right?

 Well, these are the possibilities that came to my mind, while I am still speculative. Let us keep our fingers crossed to see what this new league is really about.

These days IPL, which was received whole heartedly by our cricket loving Nation, seems to have lost its charm due to the surrounding controversies and match fixing. Hope this new league really gives the disappointed cricket fans of India, a treat to watch. And wish our sportsmen of the past give the younger generations a glimpse of their talent and inspire.

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