Saturday, May 09, 2015

Subhastu Sheeghram-All Good Things Should Be Done At The Earliest

Remember the days when we would go out in traffic and roam about under the hot Sun and in dust to do our bit of shopping? Despite all the trouble taken, we know, we were not happy at the end of the day many a times. Sometimes we would return home with a disappointment when we saw the rush at the shops. And sometimes we would return home empty handed because of the changing minds of the shop keepers or the sales persons at the stores who are reluctant to showcase what they have. They can't be blamed for everything, it is just impossible to unfold and fold everything they have. They find it floccinaucinihilipilification to show many products as the customers may buy very few or may even return without buying anything.

But there are a few places now, we all know, which have no such nuisances...the online shopping sites. The online shopping is a boon to shopaholics, where every item can be seen and compared within the comforts of home with no such headaches and bargaining.

Every now and then we the shopaholics visit the shopping websites to see what all new products are available and look for discounts and sales of the day. As we just love shopping we don't mind spending a lot of time in visiting the pages and searching for the offers. And we miss some of them as something else on the page grabs our attention and thus we keep jumping from page to page.

There is a solution for this for the fashionistas. That is, just install the Myntra app on mobile and get updates on the new arrivals, discounts and latest trends. This is not only time saving but most importantly very fruitful. Yeah! I say, it makes us shop happily and easily without missing the offers. There are special app only offers too. Even if we miss something, it notifies us whenever the out of stock products we added to our wish list are available for sale again. Cheers! All the fashionistas, can flaunt with the latest out of the box attires.

We were speculative about shopping online initially, but gradually the perspectives started changing. And now, we prefer only online shopping! And feel, if only had we trusted online shopping sites at the earliest, as the saying goes 'Subhastu Sheeghram'(it means all the good things should be done at the earliest). And so, it is time to download the Myntra app!

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  1. It's a great app. I downloaded it and I am loving it. Shopping was never this much fun before.