Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Aren't these reasons enough......?

I am a passionate blogger, internet surfer, social media bug and a shutter bug. So, I always used to carry my laptop and camera wherever I went. Reluctant, I had to bid them bye, as my friends and family persuaded me to. And soon a smart phone substituted them. Very soon I got accustomed to it and started loving it very much. Why shouldn't one, they are the most needed compact gadgets!

But, one problem I always face with my phone is slower accessibility. And sometimes, it is too frustrating when I am not able to complete my assignments or get the information I need on time. I blamed my internet service provider for that, until that day. Being from a non-technological field I could understand that the RAM (Random Access Memory) of the phone also plays a role in making the browsing and writing faster that day, the day on which ASUS ZEN PHONE 2 was launched and made a big news all over. It is the world's first phone with 4GB RAM. This makes it the fastest smartphone! Or I can say, the smartest smart phone.While there are many more reasons that make it to my wish list, this tops them. 13Mpa rear view Camera make the pictures clearer. Rotating the phone left to right up to 140 degrees enables to take panoramic selfie; truly with this, one can see what others can't see. So, now you know why this is truly my favourite phone!

Did I tell you that I only read, write and take pictures? Sorry, I am very choosy and don't like to be one in the crowd. Choosing the unique ones from the market is my favorite job, after all it gives that happiness of being different. Asus Zenfonez are always known for their colours and finish. And this time the Zen PHONE 2 fusion and illusion series are truly unique. I love all of them, choosing one from so many good options is really difficult. The ergonomic arc design with thinner edges makes it comfortable to hold and use. So those who are not stuck to their phones or don't have the necessity to use their phones constantly, can choose  the 2GB RAM version of ZEN PHONE 2 for its looks.

                                                                           FUSION SERIES                ILLUSION SERIES

The 5 LDS (LASER DIRECT STRUCTURING) antennas in this phone help in greater signal coverage. The Smart Audio Wizard with different modes of listening-Movie, Music, Game, Speech and Smart mode make it smarter. Isn't the Movie mode great for those Hot Star lovers and YouTube lovers? For the game lovers the Game mode and for the less active on phone, Speech and Smart mode are enough. What a range of good features! The Mini Movie feature is so adorable, one can make mini movies using photos on special occasions like birhtday's, anniversaries and share them with friends and family.

Aren't these reasons enough to make my favorite phone on your wish list?

For more visit: ASUS ZEN PHONE 2 

 Images courtesy : www.asus.com 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I know just a few words cannot describe him. This is my child like attempt. 

When I was a child he bought me toys, dresses, books and my favorite sweets like any other good father. He admitted me to one of the best schools, not worrying about the fees. In fact, our relatives were against educating a girl child. My father never listened to them and gave us this opportunity. With all the responsibilities on his shoulders, he has been working so hard all these years for us. I know it is the responsibility of the parents to give all the good things to their children. But they never settle for the good, always, they are in search of the better and the best constantly. They are persistent even in times of financial crisis, when they can choose to settle for just the good one. But, no they cannot compromise with the facilities they give to their children. Isn't that something to be thanked for? Yeah, I realize it now... now, when grown up and I am all by myself.

Dad does not demand anything but, just our well being and our success. He is not dependent even now on us; if we children buy him something he says, 'what was the necessity to get this? I have all'. 

We always have talked about the mothers, their hard work and unconditional love but rarely about the fathers. When a mother is working at home for us, a father is too toiling hard outside for the same, for us his true treasures. We are celebrating Mother’s day since many years with such a joy but didn't even know when the Father's Day is. I didn't even bother to check it on calendar. Did you? I really thought there is no such day. Why did I feel so, well that is a question I am still pondering over. There are reminders on all the channels on TV and FM for the Mother's Day every year. But never heard a bit about Father's Day. Why? Have we all become feminists? Or the atrocities on women have shadowed the good men and their contribution to the world! Doesn't every good person in the world needs to be celebrated? Now, I am feeling that there should be a debate on this on TIMES NOW. Wouldn't that be a great idea to talk about and stand up for the good men? :).

Feeling sorry for not doing this, these many years. So, not forgetting my bit, without much delay now, I need to hug and tell him what a great dad he is.

This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.

Monday, June 15, 2015


My bag was heavy with vegetables and grocery, and I was waiting for the bus from the last 15-20 minutes. I had moved around, in the market, crazily buying more than what was needed for the week and was already exhausted. While I was waiting, there came a bunch of college girls giggling and gossiping. 'Offo! Those college days...are never going to come back. Those golden days meant all joy and play, and no work.' I went nostalgic.

We enjoyed watching movies in college days, after every internal we were at the nearby theatre. And, 'Arya' the super hit Telugu movie which I remember watching in my room with seniors and batch-mates is the most enjoyed one. Allu Arjun had become the favorite of all for his dance moves and acting.

I came out of my reminiscence when everybody around started rushing towards the bus. The bus was late by an hour. When I looked up I was surprised to see the embellished bus. And then I noticed there were mostly college students. They were all so excited. Puzzled me, tried to make out what was going on. Then I noticed the posters of Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda on it. Still not understanding it completely I stood there trying to read what was written beneath, then a voice from the bus shouted, 'Mam get in soon we are already late for the premiere'. Then something struck me and I got in hurriedly. Then asked the girl beside me who told me about the premiere of album of Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun at the nearby convention centre. I was very much excited after hearing this and almost forgot my fatigue.

The bus was halting and we could hear the song, Aa ante Amalapuram and the audience cheering. All got down the bus and rushed to the hall. I left my bag there in the bus thinking of taking it back later and hurried to the hall. After Allu Arjun's performance from his hit movies Anushka sang her super hit songs. Then Anushka announced they have performed together in an album #Max FreshMove and would showcase it to us. She began singing vivaciously and Allu Arjun began dancing. It was truly a fresh track with the fresh moves. I was deeply engrossed and took me some time to get up from my seat after it was all over. After I came out from the convention center I tried to catch an auto as I didn't want to get late to home, from behind came a voice, 'Mam, your bag' I turned to see a man stretching his hand to give me a bag full of vegetables and grocery. I was totally engrossed for two hours and had forgotten that I had come here straight from the market.

Positivity With A Fresh Move

From the last few days I was feeling let down, let down by life. The stress was building up interminably. However hard I tried to think positively and vent it out, I didn't succeed. Nothing seemed good. No serials, no movies, no listening to FM came to my rescue; these are the things I usually enjoy the most. Every time I strived to seek that much needed strength and peace through one of these channels, no mood elevation was done. This went on for many days. Then finally came the moment of salvation that evening.

On that evening, I was lying on the sofa lifelessly changing channels on my TV every now and then as nothing seemed engaging. Then I suddenly came to stop on to this channel where a different kind of live performance was going on. I paused there for a minute and started getting engrossed into it. It was Allu Arjun Dancing for the song....Jeele Zara...Jee le Zara...Oh Humsafar.... His dance moves were graceful with intense emotions that corded well with the song. The song was sung sentimentally whole heartedly by Anushka Manchanda. This song the old wine in a new bottle was truly endearing as the original track. Then, there was Haari baaji ko jeetana hume aata hai... from the 1992 super-hit movie Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, with lots of energy and liveliness it was performed by Allu arjun and Anushka. Watching them perform together for 2 hours was completely catching and I had forgotten all my worries.

Their purpose was served! Yeah, they were doing this concert for encouragement...to wipe the worries of the people. The josh with which Allu danced and Anushka sang was commendable. Those fresh moves of Allu Arjun for Anushka's intense voice were invigorating the soul. It's true that Music can heal people. Especially this kind of soulful performances can create magic on the minds.

Buoyancy was gained; I was all there back, much more effervescent than I was any other time before. In the following days I started humming, singing, writing etc., all joyfully. Just thanking Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda for their #FreshMove is not enough. I truly am very grateful to them. I am sure there are many others who have evolved out from the boredom and stress of life by their performance. Positivity always spreads positivity around, isn't it? So try to be positive no matter what, and spread positivity and heal people.


Saturday, June 13, 2015

My Tips For A Beautiful Skin

'Wow! Look at her! Isn't she beautiful?'
'What is the secret behind your glowing skin?'
Aren't these the common questions or conversations?  Though the internal beauty, the person's nature, is all that matters most, external appearance cannot be ignored; it is always the first to get attention. It is natural to get attracted towards external beauty.

Beauty comes out from within, they say.  Having nutritious food, drinking plenty of water does all needed to the flawless skin. But still we want to do something from outside and just can't resist it. Sometimes, it is necessary to approach from outside too; washing off that grime, moisturizing in winter, applying sunscreen in summer, removing the tan caused by the Sun are all necessary.

All the beauty consciousness has led to innumerable manufacturers of beauty products. Some products are suitable to only few people and have no effect on others and may even worsen the conditions in a few causing allergy. Some can be lethal in the long run; I feel so after the Maggi controversy. So without taking risk, the best way to groom oneself is with Ayurvedic products like VICCO Turmeric Cream  and other natural substances.

There is a myth that the home remedies are quite slower in showing the desired results while they can create wonders instantly if used with proper massage techniques. Moreover they are not at all harmful even in the long run.
 Few quick fixes to dull skin at home, which I usually follow are:
1) Honey when applied on face for 15-20 minutes and washed off with hot water gives a glowing  moisturized skin; it not only makes the skin fairer with lightened blemishes, open pores also become smaller.
2) Washing face with boiled potato water and lightly massaging the face with boiled potato makes skin fairer and considerably lightens the blemishes, freckles and helps in tightening the skin as it acts as a pack too.
3) Massaging face with tomato also lightens the skin and blemishes. It opens the clogged pores and thus helps in getting rid of blackheads and white heads.
4) Unboiled milk is a wonderful cleanser and bleaching agent. But it has to be washed off later with a soap as it may clog pores and cause pimples and acne.
5) Curds is the best bleaching agent. Massaging with curds for 15-20 minutes is a regular thing I do. Even this should be washed off for it is sticky and causes pimples if not done so.
6) Milk with a pinch of turmeric when applied regularly is sure going to lighten the skin considerably. This also keeps pimples and acne at bay.
7) Rice/corn/gram flour can be used as scrubs.
8) Wheat flour, gram flours can be used as face packs. The tightening effect of these is more than many other packs I have used.

Try these simple remedies and let me know. I am sure no one will be disappointed.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

My Gustatory Delights

We all know that food is the basic necessity to live life, irrespective of class or cast, and the food habits differ considerably from  rich to poor and from region to region. Platters of the poor and rich are incomparable, both in terms of quality and quantity. To satisfy the craving gustatory organs the affluent can afford to visit the luxurious restaurants in the premises, but what about the poor? They can't afford the costly restaurants! But there are certain places which are frequented by both the classes alike, for these recipes are prepared best at these places; they are the street food stalls. One just can't avoid these places, for that great taste. Among the myriad items: Pani puri, Sev puri, Wada Pav, Pav Bhaji, Samosa, Kachori, Bhel, Dahi Puri, Cutlet, the favorite of all are the Pani Puris or Gol Gappas. The spicy, sweet and sour water with the crunchy puris stuffed with onions and bhujia have all the flavors needed to energize and make the taste buds happier. They are my favorite too!

I am a very health conscious person and prefer no artificial flavors,sweeteners, emulsifiers and preservatives. So my favorites among drinks are always the shakes and juices prepared from fresh resources. Cane juice especially flavored with ginger and lime is my favorite. It comes with all the goodness of sugarcane and lemon; sugarcane is rich source of iron while lemon vitamin C, an antioxidant. And at home, a cup of mint tea is truly refreshing. Whenever I have these, I feel refreshed instantly. Adding some nutritious contents to the body makes me really happy.

I have a sweet tooth and specially love the traditional sweets prepared at home. My favorite among them is Huggi. It is prepared from the wheat grains which are soaked and beaten. These can be stored and used whenever required. This mouthwatering recipe requires overnight soaking of the broken wheat grains and boiling them for up to 8 whistles in the pressure cooker and then adding equal amounts of jaggery and simmering it along with the two spoons of poppy seeds, desiccated coconut,powdered pepper(3-4),clove(1-2) and a spoonful of fennel seeds for 15-20 minutes and at last garnishing with raisins and cashew nuts fried in ghee.

Luxury dining for someone like me, who likes traditional food, is a meal with desserts, pakodas, paapad, chatnis, buttermilk,pickle, curd rice, rasam, verities of vegetables, salad, roti, rice and curry. I have little bit of everything and enjoy to the fullest. This with Paan at the end truly makes my day!

There is one such restaurant in Bengaluru which serves this kind of food, Basant Residency. Having glasses of buttermilk at the end is very relishing, there. And having dinner there, always remains unforgettable until the next one.