Monday, June 15, 2015


My bag was heavy with vegetables and grocery, and I was waiting for the bus from the last 15-20 minutes. I had moved around, in the market, crazily buying more than what was needed for the week and was already exhausted. While I was waiting, there came a bunch of college girls giggling and gossiping. 'Offo! Those college days...are never going to come back. Those golden days meant all joy and play, and no work.' I went nostalgic.

We enjoyed watching movies in college days, after every internal we were at the nearby theatre. And, 'Arya' the super hit Telugu movie which I remember watching in my room with seniors and batch-mates is the most enjoyed one. Allu Arjun had become the favorite of all for his dance moves and acting.

I came out of my reminiscence when everybody around started rushing towards the bus. The bus was late by an hour. When I looked up I was surprised to see the embellished bus. And then I noticed there were mostly college students. They were all so excited. Puzzled me, tried to make out what was going on. Then I noticed the posters of Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda on it. Still not understanding it completely I stood there trying to read what was written beneath, then a voice from the bus shouted, 'Mam get in soon we are already late for the premiere'. Then something struck me and I got in hurriedly. Then asked the girl beside me who told me about the premiere of album of Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun at the nearby convention centre. I was very much excited after hearing this and almost forgot my fatigue.

The bus was halting and we could hear the song, Aa ante Amalapuram and the audience cheering. All got down the bus and rushed to the hall. I left my bag there in the bus thinking of taking it back later and hurried to the hall. After Allu Arjun's performance from his hit movies Anushka sang her super hit songs. Then Anushka announced they have performed together in an album #Max FreshMove and would showcase it to us. She began singing vivaciously and Allu Arjun began dancing. It was truly a fresh track with the fresh moves. I was deeply engrossed and took me some time to get up from my seat after it was all over. After I came out from the convention center I tried to catch an auto as I didn't want to get late to home, from behind came a voice, 'Mam, your bag' I turned to see a man stretching his hand to give me a bag full of vegetables and grocery. I was totally engrossed for two hours and had forgotten that I had come here straight from the market.

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