Tuesday, June 02, 2015

My Gustatory Delights

We all know that food is the basic necessity to live life, irrespective of class or cast, and the food habits differ considerably from  rich to poor and from region to region. Platters of the poor and rich are incomparable, both in terms of quality and quantity. To satisfy the craving gustatory organs the affluent can afford to visit the luxurious restaurants in the premises, but what about the poor? They can't afford the costly restaurants! But there are certain places which are frequented by both the classes alike, for these recipes are prepared best at these places; they are the street food stalls. One just can't avoid these places, for that great taste. Among the myriad items: Pani puri, Sev puri, Wada Pav, Pav Bhaji, Samosa, Kachori, Bhel, Dahi Puri, Cutlet, the favorite of all are the Pani Puris or Gol Gappas. The spicy, sweet and sour water with the crunchy puris stuffed with onions and bhujia have all the flavors needed to energize and make the taste buds happier. They are my favorite too!

I am a very health conscious person and prefer no artificial flavors,sweeteners, emulsifiers and preservatives. So my favorites among drinks are always the shakes and juices prepared from fresh resources. Cane juice especially flavored with ginger and lime is my favorite. It comes with all the goodness of sugarcane and lemon; sugarcane is rich source of iron while lemon vitamin C, an antioxidant. And at home, a cup of mint tea is truly refreshing. Whenever I have these, I feel refreshed instantly. Adding some nutritious contents to the body makes me really happy.

I have a sweet tooth and specially love the traditional sweets prepared at home. My favorite among them is Huggi. It is prepared from the wheat grains which are soaked and beaten. These can be stored and used whenever required. This mouthwatering recipe requires overnight soaking of the broken wheat grains and boiling them for up to 8 whistles in the pressure cooker and then adding equal amounts of jaggery and simmering it along with the two spoons of poppy seeds, desiccated coconut,powdered pepper(3-4),clove(1-2) and a spoonful of fennel seeds for 15-20 minutes and at last garnishing with raisins and cashew nuts fried in ghee.

Luxury dining for someone like me, who likes traditional food, is a meal with desserts, pakodas, paapad, chatnis, buttermilk,pickle, curd rice, rasam, verities of vegetables, salad, roti, rice and curry. I have little bit of everything and enjoy to the fullest. This with Paan at the end truly makes my day!

There is one such restaurant in Bengaluru which serves this kind of food, Basant Residency. Having glasses of buttermilk at the end is very relishing, there. And having dinner there, always remains unforgettable until the next one.


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