Saturday, June 13, 2015

My Tips For A Beautiful Skin

'Wow! Look at her! Isn't she beautiful?'
'What is the secret behind your glowing skin?'
Aren't these the common questions or conversations?  Though the internal beauty, the person's nature, is all that matters most, external appearance cannot be ignored; it is always the first to get attention. It is natural to get attracted towards external beauty.

Beauty comes out from within, they say.  Having nutritious food, drinking plenty of water does all needed to the flawless skin. But still we want to do something from outside and just can't resist it. Sometimes, it is necessary to approach from outside too; washing off that grime, moisturizing in winter, applying sunscreen in summer, removing the tan caused by the Sun are all necessary.

All the beauty consciousness has led to innumerable manufacturers of beauty products. Some products are suitable to only few people and have no effect on others and may even worsen the conditions in a few causing allergy. Some can be lethal in the long run; I feel so after the Maggi controversy. So without taking risk, the best way to groom oneself is with Ayurvedic products like VICCO Turmeric Cream  and other natural substances.

There is a myth that the home remedies are quite slower in showing the desired results while they can create wonders instantly if used with proper massage techniques. Moreover they are not at all harmful even in the long run.
 Few quick fixes to dull skin at home, which I usually follow are:
1) Honey when applied on face for 15-20 minutes and washed off with hot water gives a glowing  moisturized skin; it not only makes the skin fairer with lightened blemishes, open pores also become smaller.
2) Washing face with boiled potato water and lightly massaging the face with boiled potato makes skin fairer and considerably lightens the blemishes, freckles and helps in tightening the skin as it acts as a pack too.
3) Massaging face with tomato also lightens the skin and blemishes. It opens the clogged pores and thus helps in getting rid of blackheads and white heads.
4) Unboiled milk is a wonderful cleanser and bleaching agent. But it has to be washed off later with a soap as it may clog pores and cause pimples and acne.
5) Curds is the best bleaching agent. Massaging with curds for 15-20 minutes is a regular thing I do. Even this should be washed off for it is sticky and causes pimples if not done so.
6) Milk with a pinch of turmeric when applied regularly is sure going to lighten the skin considerably. This also keeps pimples and acne at bay.
7) Rice/corn/gram flour can be used as scrubs.
8) Wheat flour, gram flours can be used as face packs. The tightening effect of these is more than many other packs I have used.

Try these simple remedies and let me know. I am sure no one will be disappointed.

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