Friday, July 10, 2015

Honey Diet

Human body is made up of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids along with traces of vitamins-A, B Complex, C, D, E, K and minerals-Iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium etc.  Any deficiencies in these cause various disorders in the human physiology and anatomy.

-Deficiency of 'Vitamin A' causes night blindness.
-Deficiency of 'Vitamin B 12' causes pernicious anemia.
-Deficiency of 'Vitamin C' causes scurvy.
-Deficiency of 'Vitamin D' causes rickets.
-Deficiency of 'Iron' causes anemia.
-Deficiency of 'Calcium' leads to osteoporosis.
 Severe deficiencies can be fatal.

Certain fruits, vegetables and pulses contain certain nutrients, for example: pulses are rich sources of proteins; apple, tomato, carrot, papaya are all rich in Vitamin A; gooseberry, citrus fruits-lemon, orange, sweet lime are rich sources of Vitamins C. So milk and egg are considered wholesome food as they are rich sources of many nutrients like proteins, calcium and vitamins.

Excess amounts of these essential components cause problems too....hypervitaminosis, hypercalcemia etc. leading to further complications in the human body.

So one is required to take these supplements regularly in required amounts, neither less nor more.
The benefits of such a balanced diet cannot be numbered as they are plenty. Along with that healthy body with normal functioning organs comes the healthy mind. With these two one can achieve success in every sphere of life. Isn't that true?

I know many, who in the quest of losing weight got hospitalized due to weakness and anemia. Crash diets only further the complications. To burn the excess fat one is not supposed to cut on all the other essential nutrients. Avoiding fried items and all the other fatty foods is what all required to get into shape. One is advised to have many small meals a day rather than 3 full heavy meals- breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food intake must be mainly in liquid form-juices, and green leafy vegetables. Completely lessening the sweets intake can only cause weakness as they are primary sources of energy. So replacing the natural sugar with artificial sweeteners which have low calories is always advised. But, that replacement with honey is more beneficial as it is also a rich source of antioxidants which help in eliminating the free radicals from the body, the bi-products of metabolism, which cause ageing and other diseases.

Intake of a spoonful of honey with a warm glass of water and lemon juice is a known fact aiding in weight reduction. Not only this, adding honey in place of sugar to sweets, juices and other dishes, which is no cutting down on the sugar intake,  called 'Honey diet' is very healthy way of dieting. Those with sweet tooth too don't have to worry more about their diet and can follow these recipes by Chef Vikas Khanna.

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