Friday, May 27, 2016

Did You Know Drug Addicts Who Don't Find Painkillers Turn To Anti-Diarrhea Drugs?

Addictions not only have harmful effects on a person’s health and life but also affect the people living around. They completely take over a man, especially drug addiction, making him live a worthless life.  Despite every effort by an individual to quit addiction, it often relapses because of the structural and functional changes that have taken place in the person’s brain. Government has implied a ban on issuing the Opioids at a store without a prescription, any such acts would make legal cases on the particular drug store and the addict involved.
Did you know addicts who don’t find pain killers turn to anti diarrhoea drugs?
Deaths of a few persons with the history of drug addiction in the United States recently  has disclosed the fact that addicts are turning to anti diarrhoea drugs like Loperamide. A 39 year old with a history of drug addiction collapsed at home and was declared dead at the hospital due to severe cardiac arrest. And the autopsy showed very high doses of Loperamide in the tissues.

Loperamide is also an Opioid like Heroin and Morphine which acts on Opioid receptors in the gut. It has a hard time crossing the blood brain barrier. It is   used to treat diarrhoea in lower doses. In higher doses it acts like Heroin and Morphine on the CNS causing high.
It is cheap and requires no prescription and so it is easily accessible at the drug store with no legal issues. For these reasons few addicts are turning to anti diarrhoea drugs like Loperamide to abuse. While few others who are trying to overcome addiction are self treating with Loperamide to face the withdrawal symptoms like muscle pain, vomiting, diarrhoea.  Drug addiction is something very hard to quit. And few are turning to the anti diarrhoea drugs to quit addiction to Heroin and Morphine without the knowledge of its ill effects on the body.

In higher doses Loperamide not only causes severe constipation but also has lethal effects on heart making the heart beat irregular.  So it is very necessary to take a doctor’s advice instead of self-treating or taking any medicines for any addiction or disease.

Despite strong will, it is very hard to quit drug addiction without the help of a doctor because of the changes that have already taken place in the body. So I can say, in order not to fall into such practices which later become addictions, one should try to live a happy contented life with good practices like Yoga, which not only heal the body but also the soul. ‘A healthy mind is in a healthy body’ isn’t it? I can say Yoga is very much advised by the doctor’s too these days, for total health care.  Modern medicines along with traditional healthy practices off course help one to come out of bad habits or addictions faster and easily.


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