Friday, June 03, 2016

Datsun Redi Go-My Car

I always wanted to own a small car, I mean not a long one, compact from outside and yet spacious inside, which made people on roads turn their heads with its best looks. But it doesn’t mean a compromise on the performance of the car. A good mileage is mandatory, in fact one of the top requirements. I know it is the top priority of many too. Well, who doesn’t want in these times of inflation when every now and then there are hikes in prices of petrol and diesel?

Whenever outside, I always looked at those good looking cars with awe and noted down the brand, model names. As soon as I came home, I always checked the other details like mileage, price, interiors etc. Those car ads on TV always brought me to the hall no matter whether I was busy in kitchen, in the back yard or garden. Such is my craze for the cars. But not to forget, I don’t like to spend lavishly even on cars with all the desirable features. Owning a car isn’t everything in life for the middle class, there are many important things in life to be considered, especially in these inflation affected times. Isn’t it? Is it possible to have one with good looks and performance at a lower price? No, not possible; if you are thinking so, then you are wrong. It wasn’t possible until now. Now, with the new Datsun ready Go my search for a best car suitable for me ends. If the priorities I mentioned are yours too, then your search ends too.

It has many admirable features along with great looks. Be it the Yukan Design or the D-Cut Gruille with honey comb pattern with the ‘ Datsun’ badge in the center, all make it more attractive. The ‘Yukan’ design is the first thing thing that I liked about this car. This compact car has still more to offer, high stance allows one inside the car to enjoy a wider view of the roads and surroundings. Its efficient performance with 25.17kmpl and smaller turning radius, make one go around with it swiftly. Smaller turning radius definitely makes it more convenient and for me that would be fun making faster turns, which otherwise are more time consuming and boring. So mileage and the smaller turning radius are the second and third things which make me go for it. These are just a few to mention while the car offers much more at a lower price. Isn’t this exciting? One definitely falls in love with it at the very moment of a first look at it. One shouldn’t be late in checking with the nearby distributors as it is to be launched on June 7th. So if you want to have it before anyone in the town and show it off all around, hurry up.

Owning a Datsun redi-Go would mean, Fun. Freedom.Confidence.
The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.