Wednesday, May 03, 2017


I am writing this review much later than the time I was supposed to do it. Though there were no deadlines for this by the author Mr. Bharat Krishna, I somewhere carry the guilt of being late and I  convince myself that it’s better to be late than never and proceed further. Not taking much time now I proceed straight to my review on the book.
 Red aka Jay narrates his story in a simple language which can be easily comprehended.
Jay is not so ambitious and lives in his own head. He sounds haphazard as he mentions proudly about his drinking, smoking and  ‘Marlboro lights’ in  order to create an impression of a style icon.
 He knows better English than many of  his classmates, he knows  national as well as international politics, reads people’s minds through their words and faces, has an x ray in his eyes  that scans the girls'  bodies through their outfit; what a versatile person!  And  the irony is that he himself doesn’t know what to do with his life. Not knowing clearly what he wants in his life he switches from one area of study to the other. And the one who hated the very idea of going to the US, lands up there for a second masters degree leaving his decent job.  And there, he finds it useless to study those subjects and takes an IT job which is nowhere connected to his bachelors degree in biology and masters in management. This is just to get out of the debts  he is in because of his study in US. He returns home with the idea of doing something for the country. God knows when he himself will know what that 'something' is clearly.  Hope the poor guy has taken the right decision at least this time.
So I recommend it for everybody.
Most of us are busy looking around rather than introspecting, and that can be related here.  As we go through his not so perfect story and make some opinions, it throws some light on our lives too like those transparent but yet a bit reflecting glasses, gradually.
The grammatical mistakes and  the very repetitive word ‘said’  which could have been replaced impressively by the other appropriate verbs don’t go unnoticed.The editing could have been still better.

My rating for this: 3/5 (For both, content and narration)

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